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You will get tired of winning.

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So I developed an instructional about winning. Works with either party. Since I am a Republican I will use a 2016 GOP scenario I did. 

Keys to winning

My candidate

Ohio Governor John Kasich

1. First 6 weeks. 

For the first 6 weeks you should be doing nothing but raising funds. I spend 30-40 million on primaries in most of my campaigns that seems inexpensive but it works. I usually make sure i have 15-20 Million for the first 5 states. 

States to focus on for Fundraising. 

Texas, California, new York, pennsylvania, Florida, ohio, new Jersey,michigan, georgia. Home State. 

Candidates home state usually generates a lot of money. 

Step 2. Common sense planning.

After the peris of fundraising you should have 20 million or so. Only pick states where you think you can win. Like with Kasich I avioded the deep south and the midwest. I skipped Iowa and still came in 4th. I instead decided to focus my initial campaigning on New Hampshire then looked immeadiately towards Super Tuesday. First I won New Hampshire. Then i shifted my Focus to Minnesota, Michigan, Wisconsin, New York......

Just examples of where I was campaigning. I visited Neveda and Stopped in South Carolina to stay relevent I even ran some cheap news paper ads. But I ran those campaigns on the cheap.

3. A cheap campaign.

To run a cheap campaign you just do barnstorms....rallies....maybe give a speech and run news paper ads. You should spend no more than 2 weeks right before election time and $100000 in ads. If you dont do this it will cost 70-80 million to run a primary. 

4. Momentum

As you win you will generate momentum for later states. Kasichs ohio Victor set me up to win nearly every state the rest of the way (prior to that I had only won New Hampshire and Michigan and Illinois) but that momentum also without me even visiting those states flipped Nebraska, soutDakota, California before I even went to those states. Momentum can and will win you states you dont campaign in.

5. Endorsements. Win as many as possible without focusing too heavily on it. 

To be continued......

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On 7/27/2016 at 4:52 PM, Patine said:

Who gets tired of winning endless elections? Nobody! Just ask Robert Mugabe. He knows all about that... :P

Isn't that the same Robert Mugabe who endorsed Donald Trump?

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