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Fictitious United States 2020 - Fracture Lines


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After a razor-thin narrow victory in 2016 by Hillary Clinton with Trump supporters calling foul and a "cheated election" due to an "establishment advantage," and a record low turnout rate since the Progressive Era, the potential unity of the two monolithic parties of the US, are in great danger of schism. By the 2018 Mid-Term Elections, the disease is set and the damage seems done. The Democratic Party splits into the Liberal Democratic around President Clinton and includes it's main establishment and core, the New Progressive Party is built around the traction of the Bernie Sanders campaign, and a third, and believed far less viable (to the point of initially being lumped with pre-extant Third Parties) Moderate Party of the centrist to centre-right Democrats, mostly surviving Southern and Heartland Democrats and ones like Indiana Senator Joe Donelly and (formerly) Evan Bayh. Trump's populist and iconoclastic support base builds the Freedom Party, as opposed to the more hardened truly right-wing Tea Party-dominated Conservative Party (which even engages in talks to absorb the Constitution Party). The gutted GOP establishment keeps the name, symbols, and registry of the "Republican Party," but is a shadow of it's former self. With a prominent Independent also threatening to throw his hat in the ring, it may well be that after this election, one of the first orders of any winner's business is a constitutional amendment to reform the Electoral College...

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Initial Candidate List


Liberal Democratic:

-Hillary Clinton (Incumbent)

(Not sure about serious opponents, given the tendency for a sitting President to only get token primary opposition since Ted Kennedy's serious challenge to Jimmy Carter in 1980)


New Progressive:

-Bernie Sanders

-Elizabeth Warren

-Russ Feingold

-Dennis Kucinich

-Alicia Garza (one of the three top leaders of the Black Lives Matter movement)



-Joe Donelly

-Evan Bayh

-Tim Kaine

-Stephanie Herseth Sandlin

-Wesley Clark



-Donald Trump

(maybe token opposition, as the party, at least in 2020 in this timeline, is largely a re-election attempt vehicle for Trump)



-Ted Cruz

-Bobby Jindal

-Mike Pence

-Joni Ernst

-Rick Perry

-Sarah Palin

-Ben Carson

-Carly Fiorina

-Michelle Bachman

-Rick Santorum

-Mike Huckabee



-Jeb Bush

-John Kasich

-George Pataki

-Mitt Romney (probably off)


I'm not sure where to put Marco Rubio or Scott Walker



-Rand Paul


This is a tentative list and will likely be changed. Any feedback is more than welcome.

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I would put Rubio in the Conservative Party.  Besides immigration, he is quite conservative on the issues. Scott Walker is tougher to place in this situation.

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Also, I'm not yet sure whether I'll have the Green Party throw in with the New Progressive Party like the Constitution Party is at least negotiating merger with the Conservative Party (the Constitution Party is endorsing the Conservative candidate instead of nominating their own in this election, at least, as a show of good faith).

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