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Game breaking bug

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Occasionally the game has a turn where at the end the spin screen/newspaper jumps across the screen and out of view breaking the game and freezing it as there is no way to move the cursor to fetch it. The only way to continue is to close the game and start a new one. This has ruined many, many games so far and I was wondering if there was a fix for this.


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Certainly, this is Windows 10, game version number 2.3.2

When I press spacebar it does not continue. I also notice that on task manager the process itself is completely frozen. Looking back at past comments, I see that somebody also posted something similar:


Here is an issue I have had for a while that may be related to another issue I am having right now with the sneak peek:

Sometimes I accidentally right click after advancing to the next turn and the window jumps off the screen and the only way to get it back is to hook up a second monitor and drag it back onto my laptop screen. The other option is to just shut down the program and restart it.

Now, I am having an issue where when I advance to the next turn (doesn’t always happen but I have been able to recreate it twice now) the news window isn’t present and I am unable to do anything but a hard shutdown of the app through the task manager. The program thinks the news window is up but it is not visible to me. I have tried to look through all the off the monitor space and have not been able to find it anywhere.

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I just recreated this bug by opening a 2nd window (google chrome) and moving it to the far right while playing the game on the left half of my screen. When pressing down spacebar to pass turns, my cursor would sometimes move to google chrome and be ontop of the window while the turn was still processing. Once that happened, Google Chrome would jump ahead and be infront of the game, while the game was usually infront of google chrome in order of layers since it was the active tab. So Chrome would now be ahead during this processed turn and then the game froze with the news/spin screen out of sight.

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