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I get a bug were the game just freezes,and crashes and I cant continue it,meaning i have to shut it down via task manager. Happens in every scenario,with every combo of candidates,I know it happens March 11 every time I play the 2016 scenario.Theres no error messages it just totally freezes.

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42 minutes ago, CalebsParadox said:

Ditto on this, except I've gotten it on January 20th ish and March 14th. It goes to the desktop and then you click back on the game and you can't do anything, not even close it. I had to use task manager too.

Yea i forgot to add more to this,its happening on many dates now when theres diffrent start dates/canidates

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57 minutes ago, admin_270 said:

I have been able to replicate what appears to be this bug, although it doesn't consistently occur on March 11th. I think it has to do with a window getting stuck beneath the main window.

I forgot to add it now happens on multiple scenarios with multiple dates and diffrent canidates

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