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Elections 2048 - A (More) Fractured World


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Some initial musings I've had with a series of hypothetical future elections for the President, Congress, Prime Minister, and Chancellor engines about a few (not a huge number, but more or less relevant ones) elections in a postulated year 2048 which takes things like growing nationalism and parochialism, Islamic, Christian, and Hindu fundamentalist movements, China and it's rivals in the Far East's economic and territorial agendas, and the lopsided development of many African, Latin American, and Southeast Nations (that is, GNP, infrastructure, and investment are going up quickly, but democratic and civil rights development and resolution of land-standing enmities are being addressed at a crawl, if at all). All candidates and endorses who are actual people (and not organizations, corporations, etc.) will be fictitious, by virtual necessity. I'm still considering what the situation will look like exactly at the start.

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