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Illogical Moments


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This game drives me insane sometimes - list your moments where you've wanted to go crazy.

I just had one. I'll list my momentum and my opponent's, and then the result.


Me +10

Opponent -2

Result: I go down 10 points.


Me +8

Opponent -1

Result: I go down 12 points.

Regardless of whether or not this was caused by things happening earlier in the week, all the news that week was positive for me except a small story when i went in the red for overspending.


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The number of footsoldier is very important, if it is like the P4E game, every foot soldier in a riding gives a 10% chance of winning one point per day, or something to that effect. I've realized also that province momentum has less importance in PM4E compared to P4E, it is important, that cannot be denied, but its effects are mitigated by footsoldiers. Where it matters very much is that if you have a good momentum, you tend to get footsoldiers faster, that's an empirical conclusion from my experience.

So you can't do like in President Forever and do nothing except one big ad campaign in the end and win everything. It still works, but when I tried it, I gained 2 or 3 points maximum, far from the 6-point difference I got in President Forever in 2004.

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This isn't a standard scenario, but when playing the US Senate race, I had the Republican chairman campaigning in Massachusetts, a state with two Democratic senators with neither up for reelection.


That happens to me all the time. My opponent spends time brainstorming in areas where there are no canadiates up for reelection.

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