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A trump suit (as in a status one of the four playing card suits assumes in game due to certain circumstances as dictated per hand by the rules) is automatically of superior value to cards of the other three suits when played.

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Just now, ThePotatoWalrus said:

Hope it doesn't overwhelm you. Some people have stated that the amount of candidates and parties are a bit overwhelming....

Haha I'm a junkie, I can take it!B)

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17 minutes ago, JohnnyK said:

Yeah I added over 80 leaders/VP's on my 2016 scenarioĀ and it slows the game down if you turn all of them on but I just keep them off and only turn a few on haven't tried yoursĀ yet lemme check it outĀ :)Ā 


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5 minutes ago, JohnnyK said:

(Some Beginner's Tips)

1. Gary Johnson is polling around 10-12% nationally may even make a debate he should AT LEAST be turned auto on

2. WAAAAAY too many unecessary small issuesĀ 

3. There are General Election debates scheduled in January 2016

4. Most of the new candidates pics are streched and unprofessional, i suggest picresize.com

5. I suggest you use polling in primaryĀ 

6. 3rd party primaries should be held at the convention not on separate dates like real life

All in all Lot's of updates required here very raw scenario not yet the best 2016 scenarioĀ (In my opinion)

Hope this helps :)


Didn't want it to be a realistic simulation. Just a fun one. The General Election debates in January are hypothetical all-candidate debates.

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16 minutes ago, JohnnyK said:

And all partiesĀ conventions takes place in or afterJuly so how can there be a GE Debate in January?

It just has every single candidate of all parties debate. I also wanted more policies because I was tired of seeing the same policies over and over, and I wanted more stuff to do policy speeches on. You can't do many policy speeches before you run out of policies.

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19 minutes ago, JohnnyK said:

You saidĀ it had realistic polling in your Rick Perry 2016 post I was just trying to helpĀ 

Yes, had to advertise it somehow, lol.

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2 hours ago, CalebsParadox said:


If you're going to advertise it, please do it with honesty :)Ā It turns many off to see realistic coupled with fantasy scenarios. It may be a good scenario, but you're bound to rub someone the wrong way by lying about it. Just letting you know! :)Ā 

The polling was realistic. The parties aren't. I reread my post and I said realistic polling. Not realistic in general.

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