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I don't mean to complain, but I have to give some feedback here...

I have a very good initial impression of President Infinity, but I have deep concerns about the complexity of the game.  On many screens I have absolutely no idea what I'm looking at. I'm sure at the heart it's just basic information but it's displayed in what seems like a shorthand code.  In the help section of the website we get a document that goes over the basics, and there are Q & A sections but they're not nearly detailed enough to match a game of this complexity. What I’d humbly like to request is a detailed tutorial that goes screen by screen and "dummies down" what everything means.  We get a lot of screens with so much information but there are confusing abbreviations that aren't explained at all.

I applaud the fact that there are many dedicated users who are willing to help, but if I posted all my questions to this forum it would probably take up 10 pages minimum.  I mean I literally don't even know where to begin on some of this.  For example on the endorsers screen alone we have that table, "Bush 10th : 0" | " Clinton: 77" | 2 | and then the blue and red bar?  I have no clue what any of this means.  On policy speech and ad screens you see things like "Government spending High +-".  What in heck does this mean??  What are endorsers, why do we  need them?  What is the difference between CP and PIP?  What are CPs and how do you get them?  What do all those columns mean?  Why do we need to re-do endorsers every term?  And that’s just for one screen.  I understand we want to have as much reality as possible so you want to get into all the aspects of campaigning but in gaming sometimes there comes a point where less is more.  So much information gets crammed in there that it results in a steep learning curve and users give up.

Again, this looks like a game I can really get into, but I need to understand it first and that is the main obstacle.  My suggestion for future versions is to at least simplify the interface so there's not so much information overload.  If giving more details on, say, the endorsers screen means splitting up into two screens, that's a fair price to pay IMHO.

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