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Question on editing leaders in Campaign Editor

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In general, is there any difference between "Off" and "On" but "Not seeking?"

I see that the "by default" section indicates that these will be the settings unless overridden by "start actions" section.  Does that mean that if any of the "start action" boxes are filled in that "by default" is ignored?  Also , as seen in the attached screenshot, what does "Off July 30" mean, and is that different from just plain "off"?

To make things simple in my custom campaigns I generally have candidates either in or out.  So if I wanted a candidate to not be part of a race at all, I would have to set them all to "off" to prevent them from running in a new game?

Campaign start settings.PNG

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1. Yes, 'off'' means there's no chance the candidate will enter the campaign. 'On' but 'not seeking' means there is some chance, determined by what happens in the primaries and that candidate's attributes (in particular, Ambition, I believe).

2. Yes, default values are overridden by start action values, if the date for the start action is before the actual start date chosen by the player.

3. 'Off Jul. 30th, 2015' means that, if a game for that campaign starts on July 30th or later, that candidate is 'off' by default.

4. If you want to make sure a candidate is 'off' regardless of start date, remove the start actions and set them to 'off' by default.

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