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Presidential Ranking from Our Poll

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Here is a collective ranking of the US presidents, based off our polls. We had a good mix of political ideologies, so this should be interesting. I'll also put individuals rankings for some of you below. And an analysis of our collective views on policy based off our answers

Part 1: Our Collective Ranking of US Presidents

1. Lincoln
2. Washington
3. FDR [would have been #1 if not for one unfavorable vote]
4. T Roosevelt
5. Jefferson
6. Eisenhower
7. JFK
8. Monroe [harmonious presidency lands him here, it seems]
9. JQAdams [highly favored by the 21st century, but wasn't desired in the 19th century]
10. Truman
11. Clinton
12. LBJ [his domestic policies outweigh Vietnam]
13. Hayes [this is kind of a shocker]
14. Madison
15. Garfield [our greatest president to not really have a chance]
16. Fillmore [this is a surprise]
17. B Harrison [lifted by two very favorable votes]
18. McKinley
19. Nixon [his policies outweighed his personality and the Watergate scandal]
20. Ford
21. Wilson [We disagree with the scholars it seems]
22. Polk [another shocker, he's usually at 11th]
23. Grant
24. Coolidge
25. Reagan
26. J Adams
27. Taft
28. Carter
29. WH Harrison
30. Obama
31. GHW Bush
32. Jackson [genocide, bad appointments and opposition to the banks outweigh Jacksonian Democracy]
33. Arthur
34. Taylor
35. Tyler
36. Van Buren
37. Harding [We are a little more lenient than scholars here]
38. Cleveland [surprise fall in the polls]
39. A Johnson
40. GW Bush
41. Hoover
42. Pierce
43. Buchanan [only president with 100% disapproval by pollsters]
2nd Part: Individual Rankings for 8 of our regular pollsters
*we had nearly 20 people that polled at least once
JVikings Ranking:
Very Favorable -- Washington and Lincoln.
Mostly Favorable - Jefferson, Monroe, JQ Adams, Polk, Coolidge, Truman, Reagan and GHW Bush.
Somewhat Favorable - J Adams, Madison, Fillmore, Garfield, Arthur, McKinley, T Roosevelt, Taft, Harding, Eisenhower, JFK, Ford and Clinton.
Doesn't know/no opinion - WH Harrison, Tyler, Taylor
Somewhat unfavorable - Van Buren, Pierce, A Johnson, Grant, Hayes, B Harrison, Wilson, FDR, GW Bush
Mostly unfavorable - Jackson, Hoover, Carter
Very unfavorable - Buchanan, Nixon and Obama
ConservativeElector2 Ranking:
Very Favorable - Washington, Lincoln, B Harrison, FDR, Reagan, GHW Bush, GW Bush
Mostly Favorable - J Adams, Jefferson, Monroe, JQ Adams, Coolidge, Truman, Eisenhower, JFK, LBJ
Somewhat Favorable - Madison, Polk, Fillmore, A Johnson, Hayes, Garfield, McKinley, T Roosevelt, Taft, Harding, Ford, Clinton
Doesn't know/no opinion - WH Harrison
Somewhat unfavorable - Jackson, Van Buren, Tyler, Taylor, Pierce, Buchanan, Grant, Arthur, Cleveland, Wilson, Hoover, Nixon, Obama
Mostly unfavorable - Carter
Very unfavorable - N/A
SunnyM Ranking:
Very Favorable - Washington, Lincoln, FDR, LBJ
Mostly Favorable - Jefferson, Wilson, Truman, Eisenhower, GHW Bush, Clinton, Obama
Somewhat Favorable - JFK, Nixon, Carter
Doesn't know/no opinion - WH Harrison
Somewhat unfavorable - Van Buren, Ford, Reagan
Mostly unfavorable - J Adams, Jackson, Coolidge
Very unfavorable - GW Bush
Sanser Ranking:
Very Favorable - Washington, Jefferson, Jackson, Lincoln, T Roosevelt, FDR, Eisenhower, JFK, Reagan, Clinton, GW Bush
Mostly Favorable - Madison, Monroe, Grant, Nixon, Ford
Somewhat Favorable - Van Buren, Hayes, Garfield, Cleveland, McKinley, Taft, Coolidge, LBJ
Doesn't know/no opinion - WH Harrison, Tyler, Polk, Taylor, Fillmore, Pierce, Arthur, B Harrison, Hoover
Somewhat unfavorable - J Adams, Buchanan, A Johnson, Wilson, Harding, Truman, GHW Bush
Mostly unfavorable - Obama
Very unfavorable - Carter
VCCzar Ranking:
Very Favorable - Lincoln, T Roosevelt, FDR
Mostly Favorable - Washington, J Adams, Jefferson, JQ Adams,JFK, LBJ, Obama
Somewhat Favorable - Madison, Monroe, Fillmore, Hayes, B Harrison, Wilson, Truman, Eisenhower, Nixon, Carter, Clinton
Doesn't know/no opinion - WH Harrison, Garfield
Somewhat unfavorable - Polk, Taylor, Grant, Arthur, Taft, Hoover, Ford, GHW Bush
Mostly unfavorable - Jackson, Van Buren, Tyler, Cleveland, McKinley, Coolidge, Reagan
Very unfavorable - Pierce, Buchanan, A Johnson, Harding, GW Bush
SeanFKennedy Ranking:
Very Favorable - Lincoln, B Harrison, FDR
Mostly Favorable - Monroe, JQ Adams, T Roosevelt, Eisenhower, JFK, Obama
Somewhat Favorable - Washington, Jefferson, Taylor, A Johnson, Grant, Hayes, Garfield, Wilson, Truman, LBJ, Ford, Carter
Doesn't know/no opinion - J Adams, Arthur, McKinley, Nixon
Somewhat unfavorable - Polk, Taft, Coolidge, Clinton
Mostly unfavorable - Madison, Van Buren, Pierce, Cleveland, Harding, Reagan
Very unfavorable - Jackson, Buchanan, Hoover, GHW Bush, GW Bush
Falcon Ranking:
Very Favorable - Jackson, Lincoln, T Roosevelt, FDR, JFK
Mostly Favorable - Wilson, Eisenhower, LBJ, Clinton, Obama
Somewhat Favorable - Fillmore, Grant, McKinley, Coolidge, Nixon, Ford, Reagan
Doesn't know/no opinion - Polk
Somewhat unfavorable - B Harrison, Hoover, GHW Bush
Mostly unfavorable - Carter
Very unfavorable - Taft Harding, GW Bush
GoTBrays Ranking:
Very Favorable - FDR
Mostly Favorable - Lincoln, Truman, Eisenhower, JFK
Somewhat Favorable - Van Buren, Grant, LBJ, Nixon, Carter
Doesn't know/no opinion - GHW Bush
Somewhat unfavorable - Tyler, A Johnson, Ford, Reagan
Mostly unfavorable - Buchanan, Hoover
Very unfavorable - n/a
3rd Part: Policy Support Analysis for our collective ideal president:
Based on policy support, regardless of political ideology, our pollsters overwhelming agreed on candidates who:
- were strong, active executives
- used political muscle to enforce civil rights, civil equality and voting rights
- used government funding for infrastructural improvements and public works projects
- swiftly intervened in the economy during economic depressions, recessions and panics
- favored a Federal banking system, preferably regulated
- swiftly intervened during major natural disasters
- supported a strong and increased navy
- worked with countries to solve problems, rather than operate unilaterally or behave as an isolationist.
- pro-international trade with strong pro-American treaties, that are reciprocal to the other party as well
- favors peace over war, but will go to war to defend themselves or in the case of genocide
- pro-regulation for the most part, especially when health concerns are a factor without the regulation
- pro-conservationist to protect wildlife and the environment
- Protects Social Security
- Pro-labor (high wages, protections), but prefers a balance between labor and business, if possible
- Opposes too much "National Security"
- Favors funding for space exploration
- Wants to limit nukes and WMDs
- Favors using funds and programs to reduce nationwide poverty
- Opposes forced regime change overseas
- Opposes income tax; yet, contradictory, supports tax hikes, when necessary
- Favors expanding US influence worldwide, but through trade and alliances, preferably.
- Reform-minded, especially civil service to combat corruption
- Strong and active on human rights, even internationally
- Moderate; willingness to work with the other party
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It's an amazing list and I am very thankful that you did it after we constantly worked through history. As someone who loves statistics this comparison is very interesting for me. :)

In addition the whole project was a very good way to learn about the major achievements of former presidents. I loved it and would do it again. Cheers!

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Very fine. Thanks!

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It will probably be another week until I do it, but basically what I hope to do is this:

1. Which ideas regarding the executive branch would you have supported?

a) executive should be elected for life (Hamilton - NY)

and then I'd list about 9 more ideas that the delegates had. The delegate and his state will be in parentheses.

2. Which ideas regarding the legislative branch would you have supported?

I don't think they really discussed the judicial all that much so I'll probably have a question 3 not regarding a branch of government.

Some of the questions I may put are in this blog I wrote called, "Litany of the Founding Fathers": https://historymonocle.com/2016/03/24/litany-for-the-founding-fathers/

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