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What's the best you can do as 3rd Party Candidate?

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And just like everything else these days, strategic voting can be shown in a simpsons episdoe where Krusty the Clown declares to then President Clinton, "I campaigned for the other guy, but I voted for you!"


That's what I meant. That (this word, "that", refers to voting for the less bad option) is still voting for the best choice.

You just misunderstood my sentance (or I wrote it badly, take your pick). Strategic voting is really voting for your second-choice, because you don't believe voting for your number 1 will allow him to get elected anyways.

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that Debs victory is ultra-impressive Tom, no matter how it was played

Wilson was so solid in the South, I used the David Leips results, and you not only whipped him, he didn't even carry a State!

stunning! I've never come close to winning w/ Debs, might win W. Virigina, sometimes PA - coal mining states

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