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Coming soon: Prime Minister USA

RI Democrat

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I love this scenario and I've played it quite a bit, sadly Obama seems to most of the time get one over me but that's not surprising.


Any update on maybe the final release for this and a 2012 version?

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On 4/5/2016 at 12:41 PM, RI Democrat said:

I've been working on this for a while and I should be ready to release the first scenario soon - I'm planning on scenarios for 2008, 2012, and 2016. This is another one of my alternate history setups, in this case based on the idea that, instead of a late 18th-century revolution, independence sort of "evolved" over time in the United States with dominion status granted in the 1850s shortly before the same happened in Canada. This also means no Civil War, as slavery would have been abolished when it was outlawed across the British Empire earlier n the 19th century, though race relations, particularly in the South, are still a major issue.

The big difference is that the U.S. is a Westminster democracy, with its systems resembling those of Britain, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. There's a largely ceremonial Governor-General with a Prime Minister who holds most of the actual executive power, and most Cabinet members are MPs in the House of Commons. The Senate exists but has less power, and governments are dependent solely on Commons majorities. In keeping with this premise, the political party structure is probably most similar to Britain's and Canada's, specifically:

The Conservative Party encompasses most of the Republican Party, with some of the conservative Democrats (primarily from the Midwest and South) as the "Red Tory" faction. They've been in government for two terms under George W. Bush, who announces his resignation in late 2007 with John McCain as the default leader.

The Labour Party encompasses most of the left-of-center economic populists, i.e. down-the-line progressive Democrats as well as some socially conservative Dems who are more left-wing on economics, the social safety net, etc, plus other leftists such as Bernie Sanders and Ralph Nader. Obama will be their default leader in 2008, but as part of the party's more moderate, "New Labour"-ish wing.

The Liberal Party encompasses most of the economically centrist "New Democrat" types along with the remaining moderate, Rockefeller Republican types. They are skeptical of too much business regulation and pro-free trade, but supportive of a social safety net and mostly left-of-center on cultural issues. Hillary Clinton is the default leader in 2008.

The National Party is a relatively recent splinter from the Conservatives, consisting mostly of hard-right and paleoconservative MPs who broke away when the Conservative Government tried to push immigration reform through in 2006. Part of the idea for the three scenarios is that they'll be gaining support at the Conservatives' expense, with movements like the Tea Party fueling them (though the Tea Party will have a different name since its historical antecedent wouldn't have occurred) and Trump becoming one of their leading spokesmen by 2016. The default leader in 2008 is Tom Tancredo.

All of the parties will have numerous alternate leaders available. (Also of interest for American political junkies: Jim Traficant appears as an Independent MP with a reputation for getting kicked out of the Commons for breaking the Rules of Order.) Labour and the Liberals are on better terms than their counterparts in Britain and Canada and negotiate non-competition agreements in certain ridings, as neither of them is likely to overtake the Conservatives alone. However, they are not a permanent coalition along the lines of Australia's Liberal-National Coalition, and they do jockey for position with each other as the "real" alternative to the Conservatives. The Conservatives and the Nationals do not have any such agreement, though circumstances might force them into one by the time 2012 rolls around.

any update???

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