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Hi All,

Had a look through the forums and couldnt find what i was after.

I have the basics down in playing the game yet try as I might I can only ever succeed when playing as front runners (Clinton / Trump) In my best campaign yet as Sanders I only managed around 1200 in the primaries, could anyone point me in the direction of a good guide or share some helpful tips?

Many thanks

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Hey amore,

if you have any specific questions I am happy to answer them. In lieu of that I would suggest reading these specific topics: http://www.270soft.ipbhost.com/index.php?showtopic=12314 and http://www.270soft.ipbhost.com/index.php?showtopic=12338


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Thanks :) Using the tips I was able to take Sanders to win Iowa and New Hampshire.... then nothing else (except Vermont)

I even stored up a bunch of scandals on Clinton which I released before key primaries to no avail. Is Sanders just unelectable?

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I have only played Republican and Bloomberg, so I'm not sure, hopefully one of the Dem players jumps on soon.

It's a little different to play on the Dem side, as I'm so used to playing one with a field of 17. But generally I try to get into a close second in all the upcoming states and then a week before the election dump a heap of negative ads on the opponent and positive ones for you. Fundraise in all the major states once a week (NY, PA, CA, TX, FL, OH).

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@anthony will have to answer, I'm not sure if there are going to be new members? The forums for it are dead at the moment, anyway.

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Here are some basic tips.... warning that I nearly always win big and so these may help you too much. To not ruin the game for you, I will be general.

1. use momentum to your advantage. Understand how it works and how to get it. It is very, very easy to get alot of momentum and keep it. Likewise, it is possible to force an opponent to have so much negative momentum that he only gets 1 turn a day for nearly the entire game.

2. Understand the difference between big state strategy and small state strategy. Think about how each action works for each type of state.

3. Think hard about where to invest to improve your campaign. Where can you invest that will make the biggest payoff early? Some investments will pay off as multipliers and others will not.

4. It is much, much easier to play with primaries on. This gives you more time if you are smart.

5. Understand what actions have diminishing returns and which do not.

6. Understand how the computer decides what states to fight for . Think about it. Does the computer campaign and build in states where it is way ahead or behind or in states where it is close. Use this to your advantage and move quickly to move some states out of range for it.

7. Understand the difference between early game and late game. Consider what changes as the game moves on based on your actions and play your early game to set-up your late game.

8. Don't play this game like candidates campaign in real life. In fact, play as close to the opposite as possible and that really helps.

I hope this didn't spoil the game by giving stuff away, but did help you know where to think in order to win. Also, keep in mind that the percentages it says are never accurate. this is especially true for the undecided. If you are a 3rd party candidate you will find that you win alot of states where you have 50 momentum and are behind by 5 points because the undecideds break for you. On the other hand, it also appears that there are negative numbers so if you are at 0, you may actually have a negative support. There are a few other game "bugs" or "features" that give some level of a fog of war. The best strategy is to think really hard about how everything works and then come up with a master game strategy and try it. See what happens.

9. I will say that the best strategy I know of depends on a mix of using everything, but in the right order. Some things done in the right order work great, where if you flip the order they don't work at all.

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