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New York 2010 Gubernatorial


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I've considered trying my hand at the 2010 New York gubernatorial election before delving into something requiring as much extrapolation and innovation as 1777. There is still one issue that needs addressing, if anyone has any advice - the Wilson-Pakula Law of cross-endorsement (usually involving a Third Party cross-endorsing a Democrat or Republican instead of fielding their own candidate). The problem is, in some primary cases, a number of prominent Third Party who did cross-endorse a Democrat or Republican also had a significant chance of putting forth their own candidate, and some advice on how to represent this would be appreciated.

Candidates, as it stands, are currently:


-Attorney-General Andrew Cuomo

-Governor David Patterson (off)

-Mr. Jimmy MacMillan (off)

-State Representative Joel Tyner (off)

-Secretary-of-State Hillary Clinton (off)

-Reverend Al Sharpton (off)

-Senator Chuck Schumer (off)

-Mr. Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. (off)


-Mr. Carl Paladino

-Former Congressman Rick Lazio

-County Executive Steven A. Levy

-Mr. Meyers Mermel

-Mr. Art Luse

-Mr. Warren Redlich (off)

-Former Mayor Rudy Guiliani (off)

-Mr. Donald Trump (off)

-Former Governor George Pataki (off)


-Mayor Michael Bloomberg (off)

-Mr. Larry King (off - for fun)

-Mr. David Letterman (off - again for fun)


-Former Congressman Rick Lazio (as Republican cross-endorsed or sole party label)

-Mr. Ralph Lorigo

-Mr. Carl Paladino (as Republican cross-endorsed or sole party label - off)

-County Executive Steven A. Levy (as Republican cross-endorsed or sole party label - off)


-Andrew Cuomo (as Democratic cross-endorsed)

-Mr. Kenneth Schaffer


-Mr. Warren Redlich

-Mr. Sam Sloan

-Ms. Krisitn Davis (off)


-Mr. Howie Hawkins


-Mr. Jimmy MacMillan (if off for Democratic primaries)


-Ms. Kristin Davis


-City Councilman Charles Barron


-Ms. Jan Johnson (off)


-Ms. Alicia Figueras (off)


-Reverend Edward Culvert (off)


-Mr. Steven Cohn (off)

The Independence Party of New York only cross-endorsed Andrew Cuomo with no alternative candidate I can find, and the Socialist Party of New York only cross-endorsed Green Party candidate Howie Hawkins, again with no alternative candidate I can find.

Any advice or comments are more than welcome. Events, endorsers, and issues are still being formulated, so feedback is welcome there as well.

Edit: Added an additional hypothetical, off-by-default Republican candidate.

2nd Edit: Corrected Hillary Clinton's title as of 2010 from Senator to Secretary-of-State and added two additional hypothetical, off-by-default Democratic candidates.

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That would be definitely wonderful. :)

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I do plan to do it, yes. I'm just trying to figure out a few things (like how to determine ballot access and starting percentages for off-by-default but high-profile candidates in PI). Such things seem VERY different in that regard than the old P4E2008 scenarios I'm used to working with. Does anything know how to do such things?

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And some further advice here. Some of the Third Parties don't seem to have official party logos. The Rent is 2 Damn High, Anti-Prohibition, Diversity, and Freedom Parties don't seem to have such logos, and the "Tea Party," as it's minor candidate labelled it, and whose party name was being challenged in a lawsuit at the time, doesn't seem to really have one either. How should I do these parties' logo graphics, in anyone here's opinion?

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I may take this one up again. I currently have quite a few what-if candidates, but any suggestions for more might be good, if anyone knows of any. I also need to figure out, as I'd said, how to handle the very common tendency of minor parties in New York State politics to have to choose between putting up their own candidate or cross-endorsing a major party, thus effectively taking themselves out of the race, and putting their support and endorsement to the major party (similar to how, for example, the National Silver and Populist Parties made that same sort of full endorsement for Democratic nominee William Jennings Bryan in the 1896 US Presidential Election - the same sort of thing).

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I had thought of, as a possible Republican, or even Conservative (or cross-endorsed) candidate, that Protestant minister who was making that big campaign against the Mosque slated to be built near Ground Zero, in NYC. Does anyone remember his name, and does he actually live in the State of New York?

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