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If Romney would of ran.

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Put down what you guys would of thought that happened!(heres my prediction if he would of ran)

-Trump wouldnt of entered the race

-The field would not of started out as large and would of most likely only included Romney,Hucckabee,Santorum,Paul,Bush,Christie

-Rand Paul would of gained alot more ground and possibly won the nomination

the current standings would be







(this is my short version)

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With Romney coming in the race it would have taken most of the air of the beginning of the race, and would have greatly reduced the effect Trump had.

I think the current feild would be





The feild at it's largest would be romney, cruz, christie, bush, paul, santorum, huckabee, trump and rubio.

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I still think Trump would be #1 or #2. I think Trump is doing so well because the populist base is tired of Romneys, McCains and Bushes. I'll put. Romney, Trump, Cruz, with Cruz a distant third. I think Trump would keep it close enough that he runs 3rd party. Romney would pick Rubio as his VP.

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Problem with Romney is, while he may appeal to the GOP establishment, he's a well-known flip-flopper, amongst the worst (at least among US Presidential hopefuls) of the last several years. I'm not sure one can rely on anything he says on the campaign trail.

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