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New York Governor - 1777


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Alright, I thought I'd give this a try just for fun. It's the first elected Governor of New York, and one of the very first elected chief executive officials in the Western Hemisphere. Officially, all the candidates were "Non-Partisan," but most later came to be known as a Federalist or a Democratic-Republican - thus, there will be no primaries. The candidates are:

-Brigadier General George Clinton

-Major General and Continental Congressman Philip Schuyler

-Brigadier General John Morin Scott

-Member of the Committee of Correspondence John Jay

-Chancellor Robert R. Livingston

-Continental Congressman Philip Livingston

-Member of New York Constitutional Convention Pierre Van Cortlandt

-Colonel Abraham Ten Broeck

Many aspects are under consideration, including issues, endorsers, events (many of which will likely focus on the ongoing war), what to do about running mates (the Lieutenant of New York was not on the same ticket at that time as the Governor), certain other mechanics issues, and I'm also mulling four, possibly five, what-if candidates. Any comments are well - I'm still in VERY early stages.

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Sounds great. I look forward to it. :)

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