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What would you like to become: a Senator or a Governor?


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  1. 1. What would you like to become: a Governor or a Senator?

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  2. 2. What would you like to become: a President or a Vice President?

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Hi guys, :)

I'd like to know your opinion on this. I would like to become a Senator rather than a Governor - what's obvisouly cool too. In addition I would choose to become a Vice President over becoming a President. My style of politics would be more like an éminence grise to advise the President rather than being the real executive power. :)

That's my opinion on this. What do you think? :D


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I'm a left wing progressive. So the idea of South Carolina-my state-, ever electing someone that far from Center RIght. Though I seriously would love to a be a governor and channel my inner Huey Long and rebuild the bridges; Fix up the schools; and expand the social safety net. Sadly it'll never happen, but a man can dream.

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I just can't see myself campaigning, especially asking for money and spinning news and attack ads. I think I'd be good at talking to people and giving speeches, but there is a lot of things in regards to campaigning that I would never get myself to do.

As such, I don't think I'd ever be a governor or senator unless I was appointed to fill an open spot in the middle of a term. I could be an ambassador or cabinet member. If I wanted to be a politician, I'd probably want to be president. So maybe I could Gerald Ford it by becoming VP to replace one that resigned, and then become president when the president resigns. So, not elected.

If I were a governor, I'd probably be like a non-corrupt version of Huey P. Long. If Senator, I'd probably be like Robert La Follette, pushing a 21st century version of real progressive issues (not just political talking points). If VP, I'd probably operate a lot differently than any VP in the past. As president, I'd aim to be a merge of the domestic policies of TR/FDR/LBJ, but bent towards the 21st century. Basically, a whirlwind presidency. Lots of action.

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I'd like to become like L. Ron Hubbard - write a science fiction decology, a big wonky "solution" to a prevalent social issue, then start an out-of-the blue, bizarre religion that somehow cracks number 10 in membership in a global list of religions (if not divided by denomination, sect, etc.)... ;)

But actually, truthfully, I'd more imagined myself as a straight-talking commentator and author with a rare and pragmatic political viewpoint, but not beholden to partisan publishers or cable networks - I'd have to find a way to get my message out there on my own, probably as a blogger or some such. I honestly know that my viewpoints, while I personally often see them as overlooked common sense, are so far afield from the "big" political factions nowadays (the "radical centrist" movement of the '90's is the closest, though I'm not quite in full agreed with, say, Perot), I'd imagine I'd be nigh unelectable unless I hit the scene at a time of MAJOR "establishment fatigue."

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My dream is to be able to be elected to the US Senate in the future. I would rather be a Senator, but being a governor would also be really awesome. I would not want to be VP because the VP position really has no power(besides Senate tie-breakers). I would rather be a governor or senator over being VP unless the President had a high chance of dying.

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I think my ideal scenario would be to get appointed by the Governor after an incumbent Senator dies/resigns in a safe state. I wouldn't have to worry about fundraising too much and would be easily re-elected, hence being able to enjoy myself.

It might just play out like that 90s movie "The Distinguished Gentleman" starring Eddie Murphy.

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