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Yesterday and the day before, using the latest version, I attempted to destory Hillary Clinton as Bernie Sanders in the 2016 election. I was unsuccessful, however, a number of issues I have not noticed before popped up, as well as a few I have seen before. One being that after I became Hillary's VP, every turn, a "Press okay to start turn" (something similar) box popped up. I understand this for the first time, however, after awhile it gets a little minor problem. Second, I got trounced in the general election, despite winning most Democrat endorsements, leader debates. I even lost historically Democrat dominated states, (VT, NJ). Third, when I went to create a national ad, two pages of "Ad, ad label, ad type-) showed up. That is all it said, then I would have to click the down arrow twice to create and access ads. Forth, highscore no longer save for some reason. I cleared the historic high scores so I could have room for mine, but it no longer saves, despite having really good playthroughs. I hope these issues can get addressed. Thank you.

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@anthony could you consider adding a in-game event about Donald Trump's rally in Madison, Alabama? 35,000 showed up, the biggest in American history (biggest primary rally?) as some outlets are reporting. (side-note, I was at the rally yesterday, thousands could not get in, and simply just so many.

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