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Austria - 1998


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Hi guys, :)

there is it the next part of my historical series of Austrian elections. 1998 is ready to be downloaded and played by you.

Have fun any feedback is welcome. Next to do is 1992. :DStay tuned for updates and new elections.


  • Austrian People's Party with incumbent President Klestil (ON) - 5 possible candidates
  • Socialdemocratic Party (ON) - 2 candidates
  • Liberal Forum (ON) - 2
  • The Independents (ON) - 1
  • A local independent candidate (ON) - 1
  • Greens (OFF) - 1
  • Freedom Party (OFF) - 1
  • Christian Social Alliance (OFF) - 1
  • historical %s and dates
  • more endorsers
  • new issues


*last updated 02/24/2016*

Interesting links for information:

Cheers, Luki! :D

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Tried this out last night. Wow, the level of detail on the issue,. Seriously keep up the good work.

Thank you very much! :D

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Ok it's on the to-do list, but tomorrow starts college again... :D And there is much to come when 1992 is done. ;)

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