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October Update

The Oct. 28th Debate Scores (Rubio-15, Cruz-0, Bush-9, Fiorina-9, Christie-7, Kasich-6, Huckabee-6, Paul-5, Trump-4, Carson-1)

National % (Trump-25.5, Carson-14.2, Fiorina-8.5, Rubio-7.4, Kasich is in 9th place with 3%)

Iowa % (Trump-15.3, Carson-11.8, Fiorina-11.6, Rubio-11.1, Kasich is in 6th with 7.9%)

New Hampshire % (Trump-14.6, Kasich-14.3, Fiorina-14, Bush-11)

Kasich is in 7th place in both Nevada and South Carolina

I'm going to keep focusing on early states and debate skill

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November Update

The Nov. 10th Update Scores (Christie-14, Rubio-13, Kasich-10, Cruz-8, Bush-6, Fiorina-6, Huckabee-5, Paul-3, Carson-2, Trump-1)

National % (Trump-23.9, Carson-14.6, Rubio-9.8, Fiorina-9.8, Kasich is 7th place with 5%)

Iowa % (Kasich-17.3, Fiorina-12.5, Bush-10.9, Cruz-10.5)

New Hampshire % (Kasich-23.3, Fiorina-16.7, Rubio-11.7, Christie-10.2)

Kasich is in 9th place in SC with 4.6%, but he is in 6th place in Nevada with 7.5%

Kasich was endorsed by Mitt Romney

im going to still continue to focus on early states, and on endorsements

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December Update

The Dec. 15th Debate Scores (Kasich-11, Christie-9, Rubio-6, Huckabee-6, Cruz-5, Paul-4, Fiorina-4, Bush-4, Carson-2, Trump--6 (Sounds about right))

National % (Trump-19, Carson-13.4, Rubio-9.6, Fiorina-9.5, Kasich is 7th with 6.4%)

Iowa % (Kasich-18.9, Bush-17.8, Graham-12.3, Cruz-11.8) Actually had to campaign harder, knocked Fiorina down with ads, lost lead for half a week to Bush

New Hampshire % (Kasich-20, Fiorina-14.4, Rubio-12.2, Bush-11.6)

Kasich is still in 9th place in SC with 4.3%, but moved up in NV to 5th place with 11.1%

Kasich was endorsed by Dick Cheney, Sarah Palin, and the Heritage Foundation

Actually started ads in the first 4 states, against Fiorina, and for me, worked for the most part.

Going to continue with my plan to work on the four first states, and endorsements. Going to try to expand support in the Midwest where im somewhat popular.

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January Update

The Jan. 14th Debate Scores (Christie-11, Kasich-11, Rubio-10, Cruz-9, Huckabee-9, Fiorina-4, Paul-3, Bush-2, Carson-0, Trump-0)

The Jan. 28th Debate Scores (Rubio-12, Christie-12, Kasich-10, Huckabee-8, Fiorina-7, Cruz-7, Bush-6, Paul-5, Carson-3, Trump-0)

National % (Trump-17.2, Carson-12.8, Rubio-9.1, Fiorina-9.1, Kasich is 7th with 7.3%)

Iowa % (Kasich-18.8, Cruz-13.4, Graham-12.9, Bush-12.3) Lost the lead again to Bush started an ad war, regained top spot and looks like Kasich will win Iowa, maybe

New Hampshire % (Kasich-22.2, Fiorina-13.7, Rubio-11.9, Cruz-11.1)

Kasich is now 8th in SC with 7.9% and 4th in NV with 13.3%

Kasich was endorsed by Freedom Works, Sen. Kelly Ayotte, and Rep. Trey Gowdy

Campaigning hard in Iowa, and moderately in SC and NV, have barely even campaigned in NH but yet my lead stays there, I will try to rapidly expand my support in the SEC primaries and hold my lead in NH and will try to gain in SC and NV

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February Update

Iowa Results (Kasich-20%/7 seats, Cruz-14.4/4, Bush 13.1/4, Graham-12.2/4, Fiorina-10.9/4, Jindal-8.6/1, Paul-5.4/1, Huckabee-5.1/1, Santorum-3.5/1, Rubio-3.4/1, Christie-2.5/1, Carson-.9/1, Trump-0/0

Omalley won Iowa

Feb. 6th Debate Scores (Rubio-9, Christie-9, Kasich-9, Paul-7, Cruz-6, Fiorina-6, Trump-5, Huckabee-5, Carson-4, Bush-3)

New Hampshire Results (Kasich-22/11, Fiorina-13.4/6, Cruz-11.6/6, Rubio-9.7/0, Santorum-8.8/0, Bush-7.9/0, Graham-7.6/0, Paul-6.4/0, Huckabee-4.8/0, Jindal-4.7/0, Christie-2/0, Carson-1.2/0, Trump-0/0)

Omalley won New Hampshire

Feb. 13 Debate Scores (Cruz-11, Kasich-10, Rubio-9, Christie-8, Fiorina-8, Jindal-4, Huckabee-3, Bush-3, Trump-2, Carson-1)

South Carolina Results (Bush-16.3/50, No One else won seats/ Fiorina-13.3, Graham-12.4, Carson-10.8, Santorum-10, Cruz-10, Rubio-7.8, Jindal-5.2, Paul-4.9, Huckabee-3.7, Kasich-3, Christie-2.4, Trump-.2)

Omalley won Nevada

Nevada Results (Bush-21.3/30 (No others won seats) Rubio-16.8, Fiorina-14.2, Huckabee-13.5, Cruz-9.8, Paul-6.3, Santorum-5.1, Kasich-4.3, Graham-4, Jindal-2.3, Carson-2.3, Christie-.2, Trump-.1)

Feb. 25 Debate Scores (Rubio-9, Christie-9, Kasich-8, Cruz-7, Bush-7, Trump-6, Fiorina-4, Huckabee-4, Carson-4, Jindal-3)

Clinton won South Carolina

The Seat count at the end of Feb. is Bush-84, Kasich-18, Cruz/Fiorina-10, Graham-4, Everyone else except Trump with 1

Webb Dropped Out

Dem Seat count is Omalley-103, Clinton-100

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Super Election Tuesday

Alabama- Trump-36/50, Kasich-17.2/0

Arkansas- Huckabee-25.5/40

Colorado- Kasich 22.4/37

Massachusetts- Bush-26.8/42

Minnesota- Trump-25/38

Oklahoma- Carson-20.9/43

Tennessee- Jindal-24/58

Texas- Cruz-25.9/38

Vermont- Rubio-18.3/16

Virginia- Rubio-19.4/49

Clinton wins all states (Even Vermont)

Kasich and Trump are tied for first with 14.1%

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Kasich wins CT, DE, ML, PN, and RI

Clinton locks up Nomination


Kasich wins Indiana


Kasich wins Nebraska, and West Virginia


Kasich wins Oregon

Paul endorses Trump


Kasich wins Washington

Kasich locks up Nomination

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Cool Story! I am curious if you can win this. :D

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