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Just an update:

I am mostly done with the Democratic side; I am just finishing up adding in the poll numbers. The Republican side is next. The third party candidates are all done as well. As it stands, Independent Vlad Pachenski has typically been winning 8-13% nationally and between 0 and 50 electoral votes.

On the Democratic side:

Senator Sandra Doyle - 16.8%

Mr. John Edelman - 9.7%

Senator Ramesh Jyoti - 9.6%

Senator John Lewis Hammond - 8.7%

Congresswoman Emily McCall - 8.6%

Secretary Clarence Wallis - 7.2%

Governor Catherine Jefferson - 7%

Governor Nate Lange - 5.2%

Congressman Mike Holmes - 4.7%

Governor Max Baldwin - 2.5%

At this point, I'm not sure if I will include an additional Democratic candidates.

For the GOP, I intend to include:

Businessman Elizabeth Schuster
Businessman A. Ronald Tilsley
Former VP Kirbyjon Wheeler
General Peter Newman
Governor Alejandro Flores Rodriguez
Governor Bernice Sullivan
Governor Marjory-Caroline Binton
Governor Bobby Nice
Governor Bryan Ulrich
Representative Jessica Rasper
Representative John Marigold
Representative Lloyd Wilson
Secretary Garrett Cartridge
Senator Bruce Gibson
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Don't give up the hope. I plan to make something like this too and I am going to use some candidates from this to develope a real setting. :) either 2012 or 2020 we will see. :)


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Good to know. :) I really look forward to this.

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Good to hear that. I am so excited for this. :)

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Any chance to get a release in the next days? :) I'm SO excited for this. ;)

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Ok, good to know. :)

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Just an update -- the scenario is complete but I do not want to release it until Anthony updates the game. I'm pleased with 99% of what I've done but there are just some minor kinks I want to work out. Notably, this concerns the strength of the third party candidates.

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Yeah is there any chance for a sneak peek? :D

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Dr. Joseph Blaine


Blaine is a well known nationally televised doctor from California. On his show he helps people stay fit and active as well as eating right and excersising. He retired at age 44 to persue a career in politics winning a state senate election, but losing his 2 attempts to run for governor. Now he seeks to be President and has a national SuperPac.


Centrist Fiscally conservative, Socially liberal, states rights advocate

22,000,000 in starting funds

Polls well in the pacific and in the north and northeas as well as central US (ohio, michigan, illinois, Iowa, etc), polls poorly in most southern states (Except Florida) and in the midwest (the plains states)

He is very well known

Pips: 150

All 5s in his Attributes except for, Expirience which would be a 2, Debating a 4 and integrity a 3 as Blaine does tend to say whatever it takes to get elected.

Anything else just whistle


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@Matty1019 Do you think you can release it within the next days, after the update came out? :)

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