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Rand Paul Strategy - 2016 Primary to Presidency.

Iowa: 19.1% (1st)

- Lvl 3 org. strength, lvl 5 footsoldiers.

New Hampshire: 12.5% (1st)

- Lvl 3 org. strength, lvl 5 footsoldiers.

South Carolina: 9.4% (3rd, loss by 0.4%, Rubio win)

- Lvl 3 org. strength, lvl 5 footsoldiers.

Nevada: 11.6% (3rd, loss by 1.9%, Rubio win)

- Lvl 3 org. strength, lvl 5 footsoldiers.

(Results from Texas to Tennessee were abysmal, thinking that the split momentum between multiple candidates would have no actual effect on propelling any single candidate.)

Texas: 1.2% (Last, Walker win)

Colorado: 0% (Last, Rubio win)

Arkansas: 0% (Last, Fiorina win)

Vermont: 0% (Last, Rubio win)

Virginia: 0% (Last, Graham win)

Alabama: 0% (Last, Bush win)

Massachusetts: 0% (Last, Rubio win)

Minnesota: 0% (Last, Santorum win)

Oklahoma: 0% (Last, Jindal win)

Tennessee: 0% (Last, Santorum)

(Back to actually trying/campaigning.)

Kentucky: 20% (1st)

Louisiana: 13.8% (1st)

Kansas: 12.7% (2nd, Rubio win)

Maine: 14.3% (1st)

Georgia: 12.5% (2nd, Bush win)

Alaska: 16.2% (1st)

North Dakota: 12.2% (2nd, Rubio win)

Michigan: 10.8% (3rd, Rubio win)

Idaho: 17.4% (1st)

Mississippi: 15.4% (1st)

North Carolina: 11.6% (4th, Rubio win)

Hawaii: 11.2% (3rd, Rubio win)

(First set of campaign suspensions, on the week of March 9th 2016 to March 16th 2016. Kasich endorses Rubio, Biden endorses O'Malley.)

Northern Mariana Aislands: 12.6% (2nd, Cruz win)

U.S. Virgin Islands: 14.3% (2nd, Rubio win)

Guam: 11.5% (3rd, Rubio win)

Wyoming: 16.1% (1st)

American Samoa: 13.8% (2nd, Huckabee win)

Puerto Rico: 14.5% (1st)

Illinois: 12.5% (1st, won only by 0.1% beating Trump)

Ohio: 17.1% (1st)

Florida: 22.6% (1st, campaigned heavily in this state for a 8 point upset against Rubio.)

Missouri: 18.1% (1st)

(Victory nears)

Arizona: 17.5% (1st)

Utah: 11.1% (3rd, Christie win)

(2nd round of campaign suspensions. Carson endorses Rubio, Jindal endorses Rubio, Walker endorses Rubio, getting closer.)

Wisconsin: 15.1% (1st, Huckabee surged 7 points to 14.7% taking a chunk out of Rubio supporters despite Walker's endorsement.)

(3rd round of campaign suspensions. Bush endorses Rubio, Huckabee endorses Rubio, Trump endorses Rubio even though I'm beating Rubio in delegate count, money and nationally in percentage by like 4% everyone still endorses Rubio.)

New York: 26.6% (1st)

(4th round of campaign suspensions. Perry endorses Rubio, Sanders Endorses O'Malley.)

Connecticut: 19.8% (2nd, Rubio win)

Rhode Island: 20.4% (2nd, Rubio win)

Delaware: 16.7% (4th, Rubio win)

Maryland: 19.9% (3rd place, Rubio win)

Pennsylvania: 17.3% (3rd place, Fiornia surged 10 points)

(Begin courting Ted Cruz's endorsement, finally looked as the official leader in the polls in the Crystal Ball rankings.)

Indiana: 33.7% (1st)

(Finally a endorsement, third place Ted Cruz endorses Paul.)

Nebraska: 23.7% (3rd, Rubio win)

West Virginia: 22.9% (3rd, Rubio win)

(Beginning to get scared, losing a hefty amount of seats.)

Oregon: 30.6% (1st, won by 0.1%.)

Washington: 35.6% (1st, won by 0.4%)

(Graham endorses Rubio, Fiorina endorses Rubio. Damn, delegate count 1078 to 952 delegates. California victory is a must.)

California: 74.3% (1st)

Montana 34.6% (2nd)

New Jersey: 26.3% (2nd)

New Mexico: 31.1% (2nd)

South Dakota: 29.5% (2nd)

(Newspaper says that "Rubio Locks Up Nomination" even though delegate count is 1073 to 957?)

Washington D.C: 41.5% (2nd, Rubio surges 28%. With all primaries concluded, final delegate count is 1054 Paul - 976 Rubio, we must wait until the convention. Santorum's endorsement may finalize my fate. In other news, O'Malley wins the nomination under the Democratic Party which is unexpected. There it is, Santorum endorses Rubio.)

The final delegate count is Paul 1054 to Rubio 1059. 5 delegates.

Five delegates made me lose a 4 hour campaign, from July 2015 to October 2016.

The rise and fall of Rand Paul.

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Cool story, but a sad ending. Would have wanted to know, if you were able to beat O'Malley in the general election. :D Did you already have any ideas for choosing your running mate?

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