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Habeus Papem - The Battle for the Church


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Its been a long time since I've been on here or designed a new scenario. But recently, I had an idea for a scenario about a election for Pope. I know a couple of people have tried this before but nothing has ever been finished as far as I'm aware.

So I've got a lot of the basics such as regions and ridings done, but my major problem is the map. I found a world map for a previous scenario, but my regions are different (any country with a cardinal elector) and so the map doesn't work. It would be very helpful if anyone could help me on the map side.

I'd also welcome input on issues or candidates. Issues are completely unchanged at this point. There are four parties, Radical Traditional, Traditional, Modernist and Radical Modernist. So far I have Cardinal William Burke for the Radical Tradional faction and Cardinal Robert Sarah for the Traditional group. I need at least 1, I'd prefer 2 options for each party, so I'd welcome any suggestions. The idea is that this is based on a Papal election occuring right now, that way I don't have to worry about which cardinals would pass the age limit of 80 to vote if it was set in the future.

This is being made for PM4E 2010.

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Great idea, I have to admit that I had the same idea a few days ago. I will think on any input and if I have any suggestions I'll put it here. Cheers! :)

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