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Hey guys, :)

how about starting a thread to give you the possibility show various maps of you? I thought on something like a swap meet. If someone has maps or scenarios (like my Arizona scenario) to contribute it would be cool to let other users know, so they could make their own election versions of that state or country .

If someone is interested to make state maps, it could be helpful to start with states with a few counties (like Delaware or Rhode Island) and then working on creating all states. (I would have something in mind like creating a let's say Delaware (or any other state) starting scenario. Nothing more edited than the map and county positions, so another user can make something nice with it).

Tell me your thoughts on something like that. :D

P.S. making my own maps doesn't work well for me yet. Mostly the whole map is red or blue in the game (depending on who's leading the polls)... ^^ I will work on that, I promise


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Would is surprise you to know that a bunch of states (20 or so) already have maps from the P4E2008 days (though the Rhode Island map was divided into municipalities instead of counties). However, because some interface glitch prevents me from pasting ANYTHING, even simple text, directly into posts on these forums (I believe jviking had a similar complaint), who can I send them to who can post them up here?

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Ok, interesting to know. Thanks :)

For your problem: are you using IE? If so, try Chrome and will work. Trust me, I had the same problem some weeks ago.

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