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Working on a 1980 Campaign.


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Calling all political junkies whom are willing to lend me their knowledge on creating a simulator for the 1980 election. Can Ted Kennedy successfully out primary Carter? Will HW Bush convince the nation Supply Side Economics is 'voodoo economics'? Or can you outdo Reagan's performance in 1980?

I simply need help on what should be the issue positions, and issues.

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What about Anderson? Will he fit in? He was probably, in number of votes, the most successful Third Party/Independent Presidential Candidate between Wallace in 1968 and Ross Perot in 1992, and arguably the last "Liberal Republican" to make any serious bid for the US Presidency.

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Yes, I will have John Anderson be on if you want to do the primaries, and have him run 3rd party. A small issue is- and I'm sure the staff/Anthony are working on a way to let this dream be a reality- the fact you can't leave your party and run 3rd party. It's a minor kink.

Here's a list of candidates

Republicans On:

Ronald Reagan ( Former Gov of California)
George H. W. Bush (Former CIA Director, Former Congressman of Texas)

John Anderson (Congressman from Illinois)

Howard Baker (Senate Minority Leader from TN)

Phil Crane (Congressman from Illinois)

John Connally (Fomer Gov of Texas)

Harold Stassen (Perennial candidate from Minnesota)

Bob Dole (Senator from Kansas)

Larry Pressler (Senator from South Dakota)

Lowell Weicker (Senator from Connecticut)

Rep Off:

Gerald Ford (Former President)

Spiro Agnew (Former VP)

Nelson Rockefeller

Ed Brooke

Barry Goldwater

Democrats on:

Jimmy Carter (incumbent president)

Ted Kennedy (Senator from Mass)

Jerry Brown (Gov of California)

Cliff Finch (Former Gov of Mass)

Dem off:

Hugh Carey (Gov of NY)

Frank Church (Senator of Idaho)

Henry M Jackson (Senator of Washington)

George McGovern

Walter Mondale

Abraham Beame (Former mayor of NYC)

John Anderson INdependent will be on during the General.

Libertarian Party:
Ed Clark
David Koch

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