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United States 2016 - House of Representatives


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Out of sheer boredom, I decided to make my first scenario and create 435 individual electoral regions all worth 1 electoral vote. Each electoral vote represents 1 member of the House of Representatives.


Using all polling data from every constituency in 2014, by putting the data in the game's .xml files one could make a rather accurate simulation of the 2014 HoR elections. At the moment I'm just working some kinks out and trying to fix some errors and technical errors. Here's some of the results for a mock 2016 election day.



If anyone has any ideas on how to improve this simulation, please feel free to PM or post here in this thread!

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Interesting scenario. Thanks for that.

I planned to make a similar version for the Speaker election :D Perhaps I'll use this as basis when it's out.

You can if you want implement Pelosi's picture from my 2008 Cheney scenario. ;) Just a tip.

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In my case, I don't have CI yet.

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