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Are there any autograph collectors here?

Conservative Elector 2

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A bit offtopic, but I'm interested in what you have to say: :P

I started to collect autographs about two weeks ago. Ok I did it before too, but not on a regular basis...

Of course I would be very interested in foreign (especially U.S.) politicians and other celebs, but as it not easy to get the required stamps here in Austria (ok, i can use those IRC-items, but I don't know if they are accepted by all).

Anyway, I made my way through some more local guys yet. Perhaps you want to share your successes with me/us, if you're a collector too :) Maybe some are preprints but I don't care. I'm happy with what I get, so I'll begin with mine.

What I got so far:

  • Dr. Franz Fischler - Secretary of Agriculture of Austria (1989-1994) and European Commissioner for Austria (1995-2004) - personalized
  • Dr. Michael Spindelegger - Vice Chancellor of Austria (2011-2014), Secretary of the Treasury (2013-2014) and Secretary of State (2008-2013) - personalized
  • Dr. Erwin Pröll - Governor of the State of Lower Austria (since 1992) - personalized
  • Dr. Peter Kaiser - Governor of the State of Carinthia (since 2013)
  • Markus Wallner - Governor of the State of Vorarlberg (since 2011)
  • Günther Platter - Governor of the State of Tyrol (since 2008)
  • Dr. Josef Pühringer - Governor of the State of Upper Austria (since 1995)
  • Hubert Gorbach - Vice Chancellor of Austria (2003-2007) - personalized
  • Toto Wolff - Executive Director of Mercedes AMG Petronas F1 Team (since 2013)
  • Michael Haneke - Austrian film director and screenwriter
  • Christian Lindner - Leader of the Free Democratic Party and member of the state parliament of North Rhine Westphalia; former member of the federal parliament of Germany.
  • Sebastian Kurz - Secretary of State of Austria (since 2013)
  • Frank Elstner - German TV Show host
  • Some soccer players of Red Bull Salzburg FC (Schmitz, Berisha, Hinteregger, Caleta-Car, Laimer)
  • Thad Cochran - U.S. Senator for Mississippi (since 1978) (an attached photo with signature and dedication in an E-Mail from his EA; we'll see if I receive the original once too)

I'll update this topic if I get new ones. :)

Have a nice day,

Luki :)

P.S. I plan to update some of my scenarios within the Christmas Holidays :D

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  • Herbert Prohaska - Austrian international football player (1974-1989)
  • Roland Linz - Austrian international football player (2002-2010)

That's a good question :P As I read Sylvester Stallone takes 500 bucks for an autograph I'd say a few thousand for Freud's autograph wouldn't be too much. :D It would nice to have one, but I guess I can't afford that ^^

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I do not get many autographs, but I do get pictures with famous people.

For Presidents, I have pictures with Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton, George Bush(I have his autograph), and Barrack Obama(I have his autograph).


  • Hillary Clinton
  • Jerry Seinfeld
  • Andrew Wiggins(He is in the NBA and won rookie of the year of the 2014-2015 season)
  • Rand Paul
  • Mitch McConnell
  • various top high school basketball players(that could be big in the NBA some day)
  • Bill Self (Kansas' head coach for basketball)
  • John Calipari (Kentucky head coach for basketball)
  • Tom Izzo (Michigan State head coach for basketball)
  • Kevin Ollie (UConn's basketball head coach)
  • Billy Donovan (former Florida basketball head coach and now head coach for the Oklahoma City Thunder(NBA))
  • Rick Pittino (Louisville basketball header coach)
  • Tubby Smith (former Kentucky head coach(won a championship there))
  • Joe B. Hall (former Kentucky head coach (won a championship there))
  • Roy Williams (North Carolina head coach for basketball)
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This is cool stuff my friend. :)

I requested some Basketball coaches too, we'll what I receive :D

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Got new ones, yesterday:

  • Angela Merkel - Chancellor of Germany (since 2005) - I bet it's preprint or autopen, but nevertheless great.
  • Dr. Joachim Gauck - President of Germany (since 2012) - same applies here. ^^
  • Daniel Craig - Actor known for James Bond - I'm sure it's preprint, but at least I got a nice photo from his sponsoring company Omega.
  • Johanna Mikl-Leitner - Secretary of the Interior of Austria (since 2011)
  • Armin Assinger - former professional Alpine Skier and now TV Show host of the Austrian version of Who wants to be Millionaire? - even personalized :D
  • Michael ''Bully'' Herbig - German actor and comedian
  • Rudi Cerne - German TV Show host of the German version of America's most wanted
  • Some German news anchors (Slomka, Gause, Dr. Kleber)
  • Dr. Alexander Biach - Director of the Viennese branch of the Austian Economic League Wirtschaftsbund (an economic lobbying firm; part of the center-right party ÖVP) - personalized

To be continued, if I get new ones today... Hopefully :D

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I don't collect autographs or take photos of celebrities when I meet them. For some reason, I feel like I'm burdening people when I do that. Here are some famous people that I have met, generally by random chance.:

- Barack Obama (in San Marcos, TX in 2008)

- Ted Kennedy (in San Marcos, TX in 2008)

- Robin Williams (in NYC in 2012)

- David Bowie (in NYC in 2010)

- Natalie Merchant (in NYC in 2010)

- Gordon Gano (in NYC in 2010)

- Anderson Cooper (in NYC in 2012)

- Al Sharpton (in NYC in 2008)

- Gordon Brown (in NYC in 2011)

- Steve Martin (in NYC in 2011)

- Bill Murray (in NYC in 2009)

- Noam Chomsky (in NYC in 2011)

I'm definitely forgetting some people at the moment. I know I've run into at least 5 more celebrities in NYC. I don't really get star struck, so I don't think about it too often. Robin Williams was the only celebrity that caused me to get out of my chair, step over a divider and swiftly move over to shake his hand.

I've also met numerous American sports players--too many to list. I've also met most of the "famous" American poets, but since only poets know who they are, I won't list them--again, too many to list. I've also met well-known professors/scholars of various subjects.

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Not many celebrities tend to hang out in Edmonton, Canada (except perennial visits by Wayne Gretzky, who grew up in a small town called Westlock an hour out from the city and whose well-known sports career started in the local NHL franchise). Though mostly only Canadian politicians go through here, George W. Bush has actually had three speaking appointments here since his retirement from politics. When the Rolling Stones came to town to play about a decade ago, someone I had as a neighbour at the time with said Mick Jagger was in the neighbourhood (drunk apparently), but I had been away that night. I briefly met Christian Slater in the bathroom of Planet Hollywood on a trip to LA in 1998. That's it I'm aware, and no autographs, I'm afraid.

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I don't collect autographs or take photos of celebrities when I meet them. For some reason, I feel like I'm burdening people when I do that. Here are some famous people that I have met, generally by random chance.

Yeah, same.

I've met quite a few politicians, though, given that I live in a pretty swing-y BC riding. Trudeau, Harper (who was actually really a nice guy), and Kim Campbell are all on my lists.

Oh, and a few months ago I also met the runner up to the 2012 South Korean Presidential election. What a weird happenstance thing that was.

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You have all met cool guys I think. An 'in person success' is really nice, but I didn't met many celebs or politicians. Only one Austrian actor 3 or 4 times I think. He's called Gregor Seberg and he lives near my home. I didn't want to bother him, so I didn't ask for an autograph :D.

In addition I met some politicians when I was younger. Our president Fischer (even shook hands with him and the First Lady on an open day of his palace), our chancellor Faymann (at a speech) a former chancellor Gusenbauer, a former vice-chancellor Riess-Passer, two secretaries: of the Treasury Grasser (a corruption troubled sunnyboy; his story is quite funny :D), of the Interior Mikl-Leitner (at a speech) and a famous opposition politician Glawischnig of the Greens. And of course the council leader of my home district. That's it, I think.

I request most of the autographs via e-mail and received a lot before Christmas. Even from our soccer national team and other Austrian or German politicians, but I don't want to bother you so I won't list them all hear (and they are really really much) ^^

Most interesting recent success for any US fella here: I received a signed business card of former Governor Mitch Daniels of Indiana (Republican), now President of Purdue University. I'm quite proud on that, as it is my first autograph from a US politician, although I'm most interested in US politics :D.

@vcczar I do not get star strucked too, especially when it comes to "celebs" who are popular among the youth such as Justin Bieber or Miley Cyrus. I'm simply not interested in their work and I can't understand those groupies... I would rather appreciate any (US) politician's autograph than their's. Ok I could sell it expensively :D.


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Conservative Elector 2, I remember reading back when I was making my Austria 2008 scenario back for K4E, and from an old friend who lives in Vienna, that the Green Alternative in Austria is "further to the right than most Green parties active in the world," but neither really elaborated. Is that referring mostly to social conservatism, because I'm not sure how I can see a Green party being more right-wing in any other area and remaining true to being a "Green" party?

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I don't think so. At least nowadays the Austrian Greens are pretty much left. Especially the Viennese state party is more on the left side than their branches in the other 8 states or the federal party.

They stand for nearly completely open borders, women rights, anti-capitalism, protection of the environment, same-sex marriage and so on. The only party, which is more on the left side of the aisle than the Greens is the Communist Party of Austria. Some Austrians mock the Greens by calling them ''green communists''. :lol:

Actually the Austrian Greens derived from a merger of two green lists in 1986. One being more moderate, the other one completely left. Perhaps you read about this...

However, I only know one true ''green conservative'' party: it's the Ecological Democratic Party in Germany. They're pretty much social conservative...

P.S.: I think it's pretty cool your friend's living in Vienna too. :) Do you know something about his political alignment?


Interesting. I didn't know that about the Canadian Greens.

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@Conservative Elector 2

Yeah, if I ever meet someone like Taylor Swift or Justice Beaver (Justin Bieber), I'll just pretend like I've never heard about them. I'll then give them acting and singing tips as if I think they're just starting out.

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I can understand that. :D

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My friend in Vienna is more into history - OLD history! He was a student at the Faculty of Medieval History in Munich for a while, and he didn't seem to have focused interest - only sporadic, eclectic interest - in anything past World War I (he was a big buff on the US Civil War, though). He was VERY of modern Austrian politics, regarding it as accomplishing very little, saying there was far less practical difference in his opinion between the Social Democratic and Austrian People's Party in the end, and that they're differences were little more than hyperbolic ideological rhetoric but failed to live up to at all once elected, he called Jorg Haider (still alive at the point he said this) as more of a loutish, loud-mouthed, opportunist than the "charismatic and threatening neo-fascist" a lot of Austrian and other European media was painting him as at the time, and he also said the only thing he could think of to descend Austrian politics into more "banal, hypocritical, ineffectual, and ritualistic form would be the return of the Habsburgs to power!" His words, not mine.

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  • 5 weeks later...

@Patine interesting analysis of Austrian politics :D I can comprehend his opinion, although I'm not directly anti-monarchist ^^ look at the UK it can work, I think.

@jvikings1 Wow congrats! I'm a bit jealous my friend. :P

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  • 2 months later...

I started a facebook page about my successes (as I already said earlier some might be preprints but anyway I love to get those pictures). :) Perhaps you'll enjoy. Have fun!


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  • 2 weeks later...

I got a picture with George H. W. Bush and Barbara Bush yesterday. I also got a picture with Kevin Brady who is the chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee.

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I got a picture with George H. W. Bush yestderday.

Wow, nice!!! :D

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Sad. :(

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