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2016 - Trump as 3rd Party Scenario


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I just made a scenario with Trump/Carson as a 3rd party (since both are threatening to bolt). I took their numbers in each state poll, and then halved them. I then subtracted this number from the Republican numbers.

As such, the election is a walk for the Democrats, or so it seems:

Starting positions--

Clinton/Castro 44.7% 420 EVs (including Red States, AZ, GA, SC, TN, IN)

Rubio/Ayotte 26.8% 103 EVs (losing in all battle ground states)

Trump/Carson 18.3% 0 EVs

Undecided 9.8% 15 EVs (AL and AR are undecided)

I hope to have this scenario up soon.

Note: I've reduced Clinton's integrity to 2, since the steering council is leaning that way (I think she's a 3).

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Awesome, thanks! I'll test it tomorrow. :)

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Well, Rubio is from Florida, so regionally they will probably want someone from somewhere else. The only reason the Dems have SC in this scenario is because of Trump draining away REP votes.

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