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Request: UK Election


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Months ago I would play President Forever 2008, and there was one scenario I absolutely loved:


Would there be any way to transfer this scenario to President Forever 2016 though the help of the modding community? If not, could someone direct me on how to manually transfer the scenario through modding it myself?


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I hate to break it to you, but, due to drastically different code between different iterations of the same game concept (P4E2004, P4E+P2008, P4E2012, and PI, PM4ECAN2008, and PM4ECAN2015, PM4EUK2005, PM4EUK2010, and PMI, PM4EAUS2004, and PM4EAUS2010/2013, and C4E2012, and CI), "conversion" of a scenario is not actually possible; the whole thing must be redone entirely (though with the same core data and graphics) from scratch. PM4EUK2005, PM4ECAN2006, P4EAB2008, P4EBC2005, and, by toggling the transferable vote option in the scenario.p4e file, PM4EAUS2004 scenarios are USUALLY interchangeable between each other and PM4ECAN2008, though some refuse to work in others of those engines for inexplicable reasons, and scenarios made for K4E2005 will work in K4E2009, but I'm not sure about the reverse. However, such compatibility is the exception, not the rule, and, in most cases, you'll have to completely redo the damned thing. I'm sorry to be the harbinger of bad news, that's the way the iterations of these games currently stand.

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