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United Kingdom 1900


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In my first installment of my previously announced grand project, I'm beginning with the United Kingdom 1900 general election. This was held at the height of British power, when the British Empire was still the most powerful nation on Earth and governed through one means or another one quarter of the world's land area and one quarter of it's population. However, they still had yet to fully remedy the main administrative issue that had led to the American Revolution over a century previously - only citizens of the British Isles (excluding the Isle of Mann and the Channel Islands) could vote or stand for the British Parliament that held final authority over the Empire, though admittedly, significantly more autonomy and local authority had been delegated to dominions under firm control of European-derived colonists (Canada, Newfoundland, Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa). These elections were the last held in the reign of Queen Victoria, the last in which, historically, the Prime Minister-elect was a Peer in the House of Lords at the time of their election, and the first contested by the Labour Party (then called the Labour Representation Committee), and the first at which true, overt Irish Nationalists (as opposed to the more pliable and conformist to the Government Irish Parliamentary Party) gained seats, albeit officially as "Independent Nationalists." The two main parties, as in much of the last half of the 19th Century, were the Conservatives with their Liberal Unionist junior partners under Lord Salisbury and the Liberals under Henry Campbell-Bannerman. I'm still working out appropriate issues and such, and any input or comment is welcome.

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