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1976 Election

Sean F. Kennedy

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Jimmy Carter

Morris Udall

Jerry Brown

George Wallace

Ellen McCormack

Frank Church

Henry Jackson

Fred Harris

Robert Byrd

Milton Shapp

Sargent Shriver

Birch Bayh

Lloyd Bentsen

Terry Sanford

Walter Fauntroy

George McGovern (OFF)

Hubert Humphrey (OFF)

Walter Mondale (OFF)

Eugene McCarthy {OFF)

Edmund Muskie (OFF)

Barbara Jordan (OFF)

Adlai Stevenson III (OFF)

John Glenn (OFF)

Ted Kennedy (OFF)


Gerald Ford

Ronald Reagan

George Bush (OFF)

Elliott Richardson (OFF)

Harold Stassen (OFF)

Nelson Rockefeller (OFF)

John Connally (OFF)

Barry Goldwater (OFF)

Bob Dole (OFF)

Edward Brooke (OFF)

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