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2nd Dem Debate


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I have to say I really liked the setup/moderator of this debate. I don't know if it's because it was on CBS, but it seemed far more sober of a discussion. The set was low-key and didn't have bright colored lights behind the candidates or a huge Air Force One in the background.

But anyway, I think Sanders did really well this time. He definitely improved from last debate.

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Sanders 7

O'Malley 6

Clinton 3

I thought Hillary lost major points with the 9/11 Wall Street answer. If a Republican had given that answer ,u fellow progressives would have jumped down his throat.



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Clinton 6

Sanders 4

O'Malley 4

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You can explain all the poor Clinton scores with three words: "Women and 9/11".

I could have sworn she was channeling her inner Rudy Giuliani.

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