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Grand Project: The Lights Going Out


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I think maybe a bit of scope and ambition are in order here. I've now planned a project about as grand as vcczar's collection of almost every US Presidential Election to date. My idea is to show the transition from the era known as "Belle Epogue," as things descend into the factors and conditions that lead into the horrors of the First World War, from the perspective of the elections the countries who would become significant belligerents between the turn of the 20th Century and their entry into the war (there's surprisingly, in total, not as many elections in that grouping as you might think). I will respect vcczar's portrayal of the 1900, 1904, 1908, and 1916 US Presidential elections, and the official TheorySpark 1912 US Presidential Election, but as far as I know (even including the old engines), all the rest is virgin territory scenario-wise. The period covered was a bit deceiving to many, especially voters in the various countries, as it often seemed to be a peaceful and prosperous, but the demons beneath the surface that led to an unspeakable and horrific conflict were indeed there the whole time. This is the plan anyways. Any feedback is welcome (and I'm mature and thick-skinned enough to take constructive criticism, even frankly, by the way).

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