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Fictional US election with Canadian candidates - 2015 is up!

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Finally it's done. My fictional US election with Canadian candidates can be downloaded at the campaign page. :)

Any feedback is welcome and desired. Thanks in advance and have fun.

Special thanks to Vega for providing me the needed pictures. ;)


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Just now saw this -

Very neat scenario, I'm glad I helped. You really nailed the strengths of where a given party would do well.

It would be really quite neat if someone did a US + Canada election scenario. Quite a bit of work would be needed for that, however.

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There was a US + Canada election back for P4E2008. Unfortunately, it's one of the few from that era I no longer have (for some bizarre reason). Although, it MIGHT be tucked away in .zip file form on my hard drive. I could have a look. It wasn't my scenario, though, but I'll have a look around, nonetheless.

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