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Taking a bit of a break from my several other announced projects for the moment, and while I await the error plaguing Canada 1957 to be fixed (knock on wood), I've started a newer project. In honour of the recent resolution of a major three-way race in a Canadian election, I've decided to take on Canada's very FIRST three-way race in it's federal electoral history. I'm still debating the exact list of issues, but Agriculture, Labour Unions, Parliamentary Conventions, Conscription, U.S. Relations, Dominion of Newfoundland (then still a self-governing and separate British Dominion), Industry, Immigration, Full Independence Within the Commonwealth (a promise Britain had made to Canada, Newfoundland, South Africa, Australia, and New Zealand for their support in the war effort, and, for different reasons, to the Irish Free State), and a separate Canadian Navy (a standing issue since 1911), are some that come to mind. Since the vast majority of women were allowed to vote in this election (for the first time federally), and that suffrage had actually been granted by a Conservative Government, no less, I don't see women's suffrage as coming up as a real issue. Also, even though they stain Canadian memories of that period and were in full swing, Residential Schools were not actually an issue any politicians mentioned or took up at that time. Despite being just three years after the horrors of the Great War, Veterans Affairs didn't seem to come up either. Any other suggestions of issues would be very appreciated (prompts GOP Progressive, Display Name, and RI Democrat to hopefully materialize).

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