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Access Violation 0054D025


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I was creating a scenario from scratch using the Campaigns Forever for President Forever 2008 and was testing the scenario to see if it ran well/at all. The scenario functioned well and ran until election day when a message popped up saying,

Access violation at address 0054D025 in module 'p4e.exe'. Read of address 656D6169.

What exactly does this mean and how might I go about fixing it?

Thanks in advance.

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I've encountered that issue SO many times using P4E2008. It usually ends up meaning that you put a factor (issue, region, party, candidate, anything like that), and later ended up changing it in a way that didn't register with .xml files in the later steps of the Campaigns Forever creation system, and thus a reference to a factor on .xml file is still there, but the referred to factor no longer exists in the .xml file that describes and determines for that type of factor (for instance, you create a region, then have it mentioned in the parties and candidates descriptions, and then, without deleting that reference, you delete the whole region). I hope I'm being clear here. It will likely require a search through the .xml files, with cross-referencing with other appropriate .xml files, with a fine-toothed comb to find the culprit I'm afraid to say, at least from my experience.

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