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USA - 2008 (Cheney) is up!

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Hi my fellow gamers.

My new 'what-if' scenario about an Independent President Cheney is now up. :)

Cheney succeeded Bush in 2007 after Bush got serious injured by a terrorist attack. Cheney is now running as an Independent for the purpose to unite America behind him to solve the difficult issue in middle east. Some Republicans and Democrats are running against Cheney to challenge him and restore the old order.

Who will be successful?

Any feedback or game reports are welcome. Thanks in advance.

If you have any ideas, tell me and I'll try to include them.

P.S. Please forgive any grammatical errors as English is just my 2nd language. If you find something incorrect please say it to me and I'll correct it asap.

Thanks and have fun.


Luki :)

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Thank you very much!

I'll try to do that ;)

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New update is out v 1.3! This includes:

  • Petraeus, Ridge (U)
  • Pelosi, Chafee, Webb, Sanders, Dean (D)
  • Ryan, Perry, Crist, Chafee ®
  • LaRouche (Reform), Ventura (Reform-VP), Stockman (Constituiton)
  • Fixed typos, updated bios, new surrogates and one new issue.

It's on the campaign page.

Have fun! Any feedback is welcome!

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Personally, I don't think there's ever been an individual who could have realistically become US President (through succession, in his case, not running for election) in RL in my lifetime that's been more despicable and uncharismatic than Count Dracula, err, Cheney. Personally, I'd like to see him go down hard in this scenario, along with his Unity party primary opponent, Donald Rumsfeld, who pushed the blatant poison of aspartame onto the legal market while CEO of General Mills through corruption, political favour calling, and malfeasance long before being Bush's Secretary of Defense. The whole idea of such a "Unity" Party remaining effectively in power because of Bush's demise is a nightmare scenario to me (and, no doubt, Karl Rove would fit in there somewhere too). I'm not yet sure who I'd like to see victorious - you have a lot of possible candidates to review - but this Unity Party, whether Cheney or Rumsfeld, I'd like to see defeated myself.

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Thanks for the feedback.

Of course, i'm no fan of Cheney or Rumsfeld myself but that was a spontaneous scenario-idea. No political dream-scenario ;)

And yes, I thought exactly the same about Karl Rove. Perhaps I'll add him within the next update. We'll see

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Hey guys please tell me, if you think it's too hard to bring Cheney down...

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Update 1.4 is out! It features: :)

  • New candidates:
  • Clarence Thomas (U)
  • Karl Rove (U)
  • Tim Hutchinson (Rep)
  • Don Siegelman (Dem)
  • Rand Paul (L)
  • Jon Huntsman, Jr (L)
  • Michael Bloomberg (Reform)
  • Herman Cain (Reform)
  • New vice leaders:
  • Andrew Card (U)
  • Nikki Haley (Rep)
  • Samuel Alito (Rep)
  • Mitch Daniels (Rep)
  • Marco Rubio (Rep)
  • Lisa Murkowski (Rep)
  • Pat Choate (Reform)
  • Chuck Hagel (Reform)
  • Jon Hagelin (Peace)
  • Cheri Honkala (Peace)
  • Jill Stein (Peace)
  • Chuck Baldwin (Constitution)
  • Pat Buchanan (Constitution)
  • Howard Phillips (Constitution)
  • New endorser
  • Updated %s
  • Some new candidate pictures
  • Fixed typos, new bios
  • new order of candidates

As always, any feedback is welcome.

Luki :)

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V 1.5 is out. :)

It features:

  • Wolfowitz (U)
  • Santorum (Rep)
  • Daniels (Rep)
  • Clooney (Peace)
  • Jolie (Peace-VP)
  • New (balanced) %s

Have fun!

Any feedback is welcome.

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Haha lol :D

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Version 1.6 is out! It contains:

  • Off-Cheney as Republican (Of course you should turn off his Unity alter ego ;) )
  • Gravel, Ruwart, Smith, Kubby, Phillies, Jingozian (all Libertarians)
  • John Roberts and Antonin Scalia as Republican VP Options
  • Jon Stewart and Gretchen Whitmer as Democratic VP Options
  • Jeff Bezos and Mark Cuban as Reform VPs

Have fun, any feedback is welcome.

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  • 3 weeks later...

Hey guys!

I think it's time to close my poll and for the reason that my vote doesn't necessarily count as much as yours, the result is simple: We'll have a Democrat incumbent in 2012.

The only democratic suggestion I got was Obama (Thanks to vcczar :)). I could do that, but here's my question: I simulated a game, where Al Gore/Jon Stewart won. Is it ok for you to use these game results as basis for a 2012 scenario?

The final race: Gore/Stewart - Romney/Ryan - Cheney/Petraeus (results under the given link)



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