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PMI 2015: Near 3-Way Tie in Popular Vote

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Got this result the other day playing as the Liberals (I admittedly did use a last-day ad cheat). I thought it was interesting for several reasons:

  • If rounded to the nearest whole number, the popular vote was a 3-way tie at 30% each. When you look at the decimal points, they're still all within less than 1% of each other.
  • The Conservatives came in 1st in the number of votes and 3rd in the number of seats, while the NDP came in 3rd in the number of votes and 1st in the number of seats, with the Liberals 2nd in both.
  • The Greens won 3 seats - Saanich-Gulf Islands, Yukon, and Victoria.
  • The riding of Delta in Greater Vancouver produced an *actual* tie, as seen in the image, with 17,168 votes for both the NDP candidate and the Liberal candidate. The game gave the seat to the NDP - anyone know what actually happens in this scenario IRL (besides a recount, I assume)?


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Oh boy, imagine this scenario in real life.

The party with the largest number of votes getting third place in seats, while the last party in terms of votes get's to form the government? Yikes. I can only imagine the number of people who would be disenfranchised with the process... I'm sure proportional representation would be a new found priority for the Tories.

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It's very likely that scenario had the Conservatives and Liberals diving up huge majorities in stronghold ridings, an issue that has often distorted the seats-to-popular-vote ratios in the Westminster System, especially in UK election. I can't see the percentages by riding, but, on a surface look, see how dark red Newfoundland is and how dark blue Alberta. There are NO dark orange regions. That would just be my guess as to what happened there.

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Or like many 19th Century elections across the board, where rural constituencies were horribly overrepresented compared to urban ones, leading to far stronger showing for conservative parties than liberal, and certainly socialist, ones than popular vote would actually indicate.

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@RI Democrat,

Would you perhaps have exported this into a processor like Excel or an equivalent? If you could attach it in this thread, that would be really great.

Sorry, hadn't checked this thread in a while. I can't remember if I exported the results or not but I'll take a look. I usually keep some notes of my own in Excel during election night even if I don't do the end-of-scenario download, so I probably have something sitting around.

I was playing as the Liberals in that round, and my recollection is that I mostly tried to expand my playing field in Conservative-held ridings, while only targeting the NDP in ridings that were pretty close to begin with. I probably just ignored all but a few ridings in Alberta - I haven't tried the 2015 scenario again lately, but at the time the Liberals were still starting with much less money than the Conservatives or the NDP, so I had to pick and choose carefully where to invest my resources.

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