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1876 primaries:


Grant: 24.3% 170 seats (wins Tennessee, Alabama, Georgia, North Carolina, Virginia, Maryland, Nebraska, Nevada, and New Hampshire)

Hayes: 18.8% 262 (wins Ohio, Michigan, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Illinois, Kansas, Minnesota, and Texas)

Blaine: 14.6% 130 seats(wins Oregon, California, Colorado, Missouri, Delaware, New Jersey, and Maine)

Conkling: 13% 128 seats(wins Florida, Iowa, and New York)

Bristow: 7.8% 80 seats(wins Kentucky, Massachusetts, Vermont, and Rhode Island)(endorses Hayes)

Morton: 7.5% 106 seats(wins Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Indiana, and South Carolina)

Hartranft: 7.2% 76 seats(wins Pennsylvania)

Washburne: 4.2% 0 seats

Jewell: 2.5% (wins Connecticut)

Hayes is the nominee, and William Wheeler is the VP candidate.


Tilden: 32.9% 476 seats

Hendricks: 26% 204 seats(wins Nevada, Colorado, Kansas, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Tennessee, and Maryland)

Bayard: 11.9% 74 seats(wins Georgia, West Virginia, Virginia, and Delaware)

Hancock: 11% (wins Pennsylvania and North Carolina)

Parker: 6.8% 28 seats(wins New Jersey)

Allen: 6.8% 48 seats (wins Ohio)

Broadhead: 4.6% 36 seats(wins Missouri)

Tilden is the nominee, and Winfield Hancock is the VP candidate.

Greenback Labor

Cooper: 100% 1350 seats

Cooper is nominee, and Samuel Cary is his VP candidate.

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I'd vote for Tilden. :)

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Republicans: 50% 328 EVs(wins the rest)

Democrats: 49% 132 EVs(wins Texas, Missouri, Arkansas, Nevada, Louisiana, Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi, Florida, Tennessee, Kentucky, North Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia, and Maryland)

Greenback Labor: 1%

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Republicans: Hayes is running for re-election. Grant will attempt to challenge him for the nomination.

Democrats: all default on

Greenback Labor: all default on

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Hayes and Hancock in the primaries.

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1880 Results:


Hayes: 70.2% 846 seats(wins the rest)

Grant: 29.8% 120 seats(wins Missouri, Arkansas, Tennessee, Alabama, and South Carolina)

Hayes is the nominee and Chester A. Arthur is his VP candidate.


Hancock: 22.1% 172 seats(wins Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Minnesota, Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine)

Bayard: 18.3% 224 seats(wins Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Florida, and Wisconsin)

Thurman: 12.9% 92 seats(wins Arkansas, Ohio, and Kentucky)

Field: 11% 68 seats(wins California, Nevada, Oregon, and Iowa)

Payne: 10.4% 106 seats(wins New York and Nebraska)

Randall: 9.2% 112 seats(wins Pennsylvania and Missouri)

Morrison: 8.2% 90 seats(wins Kansas, Illinois, and Colorado)

Hendricks: 6.9% 102 seats(wins Indiana, Michigan, Georgia, and Connecticut)

Bayard wins the nomination and chooses Horatio Seymour as his VP candidate.

Greenback Labor:

Weaver: 59% 1650 seats(wins the rest)

Butler: 41% 250 seats(wins Iowa, Michigan, Ohio, Maryland, and Georgia)

Weaver is the nominee and Barzillai Chambers is the VP candidate.

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1880 general election:


48.8% 240 EVs(wins the rest)


48.4% 130 EVs (wins Nevada, Colorado, Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas, Missouri, Mississippi, Alabama, Tennessee, Kentucky, Virginia, West Virginia, Georgia, Florida, South Carolina, and Connecticut)

Greenback Labor:

2.8% 0 EVs

Hayes wins re-election.

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1884 election:

Republicans: All default candidates except Sherman are on. James G. Blaine also tosses his hat in.

Democrats: All default candidates are on.

Greenback Labor: Butler is on

Prohibition: John St. John is on.

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I'd go with Blaine and Bayard in the primaries.

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1884 primaries:


Blaine: 44.8% 588 delegates (wins rest)

Edmunds: 20.1% 86 delegates (wins Minnesota, Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island)

Arthur: 20.1% 220 delegates (wins Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, Tennessee, and Kentucky)

Logan: 11% 58 delegates (wins Illinois)

Hawley: 3.9% 14 delegates (wins Connecticut)

Blaine is the nominee and Hawley is his VP candidate.


Cleveland: 32.1% 542 delegates (wins rest)

Bayard: 22.6% 214 delegates (wins Kansas, Missouri, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina, Maryland, Delaware, Rhode Island, and Massachusetts) (became VP nominee before convention)

Thurman: 13.9% 116 delegates (wins Ohio, Tennessee, Nevada, Colorado, and California)

McDonald: 10.8% 56 delegates (wins Kentucky and Indiana)

Hendricks: 8.6% 10 delegates (wins Oregon)

Carlisle: 7.3% 0 delegates

Randall: 28 delegates (wins New Jersey)

Cleveland is the nominee and Bayard is his VP candidate.


Butler: 100% 1300 delegates

Abstain: 600 delegates

Butler is the nominee and West is his VP candidate.


St. John: 100% 1450 delegates

Abstain: 450

St. John is the nominee and Daniel is his VP candidate.

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General Election:

Democrat: 52.8% 295 EVs (wins rest)

Republicans: 44.5% 106 EVs (wins California, Nevada, Colorado, Nebraska, Kansas, Iowa, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Indiana, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine)

Greenback: 1.3% 0 EVs

Prohibition: 1.4% 0 EVs

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1888 election:

Republicans: All default on candidates are in.

Democrats: Grover Cleveland is running for re-election.

Prohibition: Fisk is on.

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For 1888, I'm not sure which Republican I will support. I'll support the eventual nominee. I'm definitely not voting for Cleveland. While I support his civil service reform and his combating of corruption, this isn't enough for me to support all of his other policies, which I pretty much totally dislike.

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I go with Harrison and Cleveland in the primaries.

Harrison in the general election.

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1888 primaries:


Sherman: 24.4% 506 delegates (wins rest)

Allison: 15.4% 82 delegates (wins Nevada, Colorado, Nebraska, Iowa, Maine, and Rhode Island)

Gresham: 12.5% 92 delegates (wins Illinois, Oregon, and Minnesota)

Harrison: 10.6% 44 delegates (wins Vermont, Delaware, and Indiana)(both he and Depew had 32.8% in New Hampshire but Harrison had a few less total votes)

Depew: 10.1% 98 delegates (wins New York and New Hampshire)

Alger: 8.9% 30 delegates (wins Michigan)

Phelps: 6% 68 delegates (wins California, New Jersey, and Connecticut)

Filter: 4.7% 0 delegates

Rusk: 4.2% 26 delegates (wins Wisconsin)

Ingalls: 3.2% 20 delegates (wins Kansas)

Sherman is the nominee and Morton is his VP candidate.


Cleveland: 100% 966 delegates (wins all)

Cleveland is the nominee and Thurman is his VP candidate.


Fisk: 100% 1700 delegates

Abstain: 200 delegates

Fisk is the nominee and Brooks is his VP candidate.

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As Harrison didn't make it I'd go with Cleveland. I would not vote for Sherman...

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1888 general:

Sherman: 52.5% 314 EVs (wins rest)

Cleveland: 45.8% 87 EVs (wins Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana, Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia, Florida, South Carolina, Virginia, and Delaware) (the margin in Virginia was 1.1%)

Fisk: 1.7% 0 EVs

Sherman is the President (this is his 2nd term) and Morton is the VP.

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Republicans: All default candidates plus Lincoln and Lodge are on.

Democrats: All default candidates are on.

Populist: Weaver is on.

Prohibition: Bidwell is on

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I would have voted for Sherman, so I'm glad he won. For 1892, I'd go with Sherman again, if he's a candidate. If not, I'll go with Lodge. However, if Weaver has a chance in the general election, I'll switch my vote to the Populists. 

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