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Decided to do somethig like Vcczar did and do all the elections in order from the beginning and with the next election's candidates based on the results of the last one.


Washington is the only candidate for President with various VP candidates.

Washington: 38.8% with 74 EV

Adams: 12.3% with 38 EV

Huntington: 6.4% with 7 EV

Rutledge: 3.4% with 7 EV

Harrison: 2.5% with 6 EV

Jay: 9.3% with 6 EV

There were 6 others that got votes but had no EVs.

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Poor John Jay. He never seemed to do as well in presidential election as he seems like he should have done. If I voted in 1788/89, I would have cast my vote for the Washington/Adams ticket. There really wasn't a unifying choice other than Washington. I'd select Adams for the same reason he was selected, to balance the ticket. Other options were Samuel Adams and John Hancock of New Englanders, but these two only reluctantly agreed to a Constitution, preferring 13 independent states.

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Samuel Huntington, John Jay, and John Rutledge decide to run again. Samual Adams tosses his hat into the ring. John Handcock and James Madison both enter as well. Patrick Henry gets in right before the election. Washington and Adams will both run again. George Clinton, Thomas Jefferson, and Aaron Burr are in as well. This creates a large field.

Washington: 20% 120 EVs

Adams: 11.3% 54 EVs

Clinton: 11% 40 EVs

Jefferson: 4.8% 21 EVs

Jay 14.5% 12 EVs(He took New York from Washington)

Huntington: 6% 9 EVs

Rutledge 3.4% 8 EVs

S. Adams: 4.4%

Burr 5.6%

Henry 5.5%

Madison 6%

Hancock 7.4%

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Washington decided to not run again. Adams and Jefferson jump in as do Pinckney and Burr. Samuel Adams decides to run as do Ellsworth, Jay, Iredell, Henry, Johnston, and C.C. Pinckney. James Madison gets in again. George Clinton throws his hat in again after almost beating out Adams for VP last election.

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Interesting, I'll definitely follow this thread. :)

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Clinton almost won the VP spot in your 1792 election. Had he won, he certainly would have taken over the leadership roll of the opposition from Jefferson.

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1796 results

Jefferson: 78 EVs 15.1%

Adams: 61 EVs 17.3%

Burr: 48 EVs 11.4%

Pinckney: 45 EVs 10.5%

S. Adams: 16 EVs 5.1%

Henry: 14 EVs 4.5%

Johnston: 12 EVs 3.7%

Clinton: 4 EVs 4.5%

The rest had votes but no EVs

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Looks like the people got robbed in the 1796 election. I think if Jefferson had won in 1796, then the country would have been very different. For instance, no Justice John Marshall dominating the Supreme Court for nearly three decades.

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Jefferson will run for re-election. Burr will run again. VP John Adams will run again in an attempt to finally become President. C.C. Pinckney will run as well. John Jay has gotten in for the Federalists as well. With Adams struggling, Alexander Hamilton gets in to try to win. Henry Lee also gets in. No one from Jefferson's party decided to challenge him.

Jefferson: 22.1% 89 EVs

Burr: 18.7% 67 EVs

Adams: 20.7% 61 EVs

Pinckney: 12.5% 43 EVs

Jay 12% 16 EVs

Hamilton: 9.4% 0 EVs

Lee: 4.7% 0 EVs

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I would have voted for Adams or Jay in your 1800 election. A victorious Jefferson in 1796 and 1800 probably means the death of the Federalists, unless they become a little more populist, rather than elitist. Adams would be my first choice because he was a moderate Federalist, and I feel we needed another Federalist term to get us on a stronger financial footing. That 1796 election is so crucial; yet, overlooked. Although, Jefferson or Burr would not be bad presidents to have, either. Jay is my second choice because the man was a diplomatic and legal wizard, and didn't have any of the narcissism that Adams, Jefferson, Burr and Hamilton had. Hamilton would be my last choice for president. He was too extreme, as was Monroe at this time (in the other direction).

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Jefferson has decided to run for a 3rd term. He had no challangers in his party. Charles Coatsworth Pinckney is the only Federalist candidate. There is also a various inpledged candidate. Jefferson is greatly favored. George Clinon is Jefferson's VP candidate while Rufus King is the VP for Pinckney.


Jefferson: 67.5% 154 EVs

Pinckney: 31.2% 22 EVs

Unpledged: 1.2% 0 EVs

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Jefferson decided to not for a 4th term. Him serving 3 terms starts talks of putting a term limit on Presidents. C.C. Pinckney will run. John Jay, hoping to reverse the Federalists decline, decided to run. James Madison, James Monroe, and VP George Clinton get in for the Republicans.

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1808 results:


Clinton: 35.4% 320 delegates (wins New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont, South Carolina, Delaware, and Kentucky)

Madison: 39.1% 116 delegates (wins Ohio, Maryland, Tennessee, and Georgia)

Monroe: 25.4% 48 delegates (wins Virginia and South Carolina)

Clinton wins a majority at the convention and selects James Monroe as his VP.


Pinckney: 63.3% 394 delegates (wins everything except New York)

Jay: 36.7% 90 delegates (wins New York)

Pinckney wins a majority at the convention and chooses Rufus King as his VP.


Clinton: 68.8% 136 EVs

Pinckney: 31.2% 39 EVs (wins Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and New Hampshire)

George Clinton is the next President and James Monroe is the new VP.

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George Clinton is the first President to die in office and James Monroe become President, even though the Constitution is not clear on Presidential succession. There is talk about a Constitutional amendment officially setting Presidential seccession. Monroe finishes his term without a VP. He faces no competition for the nomination. DeWitt Clinton decided not to run. The federalists nominate former VP candidate Rufus King who faced no competition for the nomination. Henry Clay is Monroe's VP candidate. Former Gov. William Richardson Davie is the nominee for VP from the Federalists.

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Despite being able men, I would find a Clinton/Monroe presidency somewhat horrific as a voter in 1808, as they were both radically anti-government. Clinton, at least had some understanding of urban interests, though. However, Pinckney is a bad choice, too. He hasn't really the experience to be an effective president. The party would rule Pinckney. Madison, to me, was the best compromise in this election.

Monroe selecting Clay is a good move, and shows a surprising willingness to compromise (which he showed as president in real life, but not before his presidency). I would have been a solid Clay supporter. In the next election, I'll probably vote for Rufus King, but I wouldn't be disappointed with the Monroe/Clay ticket, as long as Clay has some say. I wish a candidate could select cabinet members. If he selects Adams as Sec of State, like he did in real life, I'd be more inclined to vote Monroe over King.

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Monroe, as an incumbent, faces no competition, and is re-nominated to try and serve a second full term. Henry Clay is re-nominated for VP. Rufus King is again the Federalist candidate. John Eager Howard is the Federalist VP candidate.

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In this election I'd vote for Monroe too.

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Monroe runs for a third term and again faces no competition and Henry Clay is his running mate. The Federalist Party's death has been completed. They face no real competition. Even within the party of Monroe, there are talks about a term limit for the President. If Monroe gets elected, it looks lime a term limit will have a chance to get passed. Also, a Virginian has been President for all but a little over 3 years(George Clinton died 3 years into his Presidency). This is not a big deal yet, but it could turn into a problem.

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