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29 minutes ago, admin_270 said:


I think the answer to this is to create different blocs, one for region 1, another for region 2.



That would work well, using different ratios to simulate areas that are in between those two extremes.

By the way just saw the new shifts feature and that along with the currency features really made my day. I've tried throwing any possible input at those percentages and it deals with it very well, though I can't quite tell whether it applies absolute first then relative or relative first then absolute (does it do 2x-5 or 2(x-5) is quite important). Thank you very much for the quality of these updates, it's always good that you listen and add new features all the time.

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That's a pretty cool idea! It would be fun connecting with other campaigners for a game.

Certainly, but it is important to make sure the candidates all have reasonable shot at the money... at least some shot... Romney should have the edge...but it shouldn't be impossible for other candida

Good idea! Maybe you could also throw in Vice Presidential Interviews... you how much damage those did to Sarah Palin in 2008... I'd also like to see some ads on the Veeps. I know the McCain campaig

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In the strategy screen, could we filter regions by "on ballot"?  This would be most useful in Congress Infinity where a minor party may only run in a handful of regions.

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5 minutes ago, servo75 said:

In the strategy screen, could we filter regions by "on ballot"?  This would be most useful in Congress Infinity where a minor party may only run in a handful of regions.

This would be a good feature for PMI as well, for the same reason.

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Not sure if this is possible already in PI (since I've only played generals and primaries, but haven't made it to the end of the primaries yet), but is it possible to have candidates that only run if certain people win the nomination?

Just looking at this year, some possibilities:

Trump wins->McMullin runs as an independent. Or Bernie/Warren wins->Bloomberg runs as an independent. Or maybe candidates who have very poor relations with another person from their primaries, run as an independent/third party, if they cross a certain threshold? Neither ended up running, but there was talk of either Sanders/Kasich potentially running third party/independent.

(This might already be a feature and I might be unaware, I need to try and play through a full primaries and see if you can turn candidates on for the general.)

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I think a mechanism should be flag-enabled for fan-made scenarios that take place in pre-television and pre-radio election campaigns to allow for more ability for "speaking tours." I was just reading now about how, in the 1900 U.S. General Election, Democratic Presidential Candidate made 546 separate campaign speeches, and Republican Vice-Presidential Candidate Theodore Roosevelt made 673 separate campaign speeches. As it stands, by the rules of actions per turn, control points, energy points, Stamina, and monetary costs, this type of campaigning is not even  remotely close to possible in the current TheorySpark game engine, but was a hallmark of campaigning of the day. I believe it should also be available in PMI, because I recall William Gladstone made a similar campaign tour in the 1880's.

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In the scenario editor it would be good if the words in region names could be one under the other and not just side by side for example it could be




if you wanted whereas now it can only be Liverpool and Lancashire.

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13 hours ago, admin_270 said:


I'm not sure I understand what you're saying here - could you expand on this?

Y'know how on the map it'll show the region name? The words in the region name can only be side by side going from left to right but if in the scenario editor you could put the words in the region name one under the other as well it would help when adding new regions so the names of nearby regions don't run into each other. 

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