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2nd Republican Debate scores

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So I'm gonna start this topic :)

Main debate scores:

Carson 10

Cruz 9

[He really surprised me. I think he explained him and his views very well. In the 1st debate he was not that visible, so I think he improved on that massively]

Trump 8

[He surprised me too. Trump was comparatively good, argued his points well and he was even well-behaved. A lot better than in the first debate in my opinion.]

Fiorina 8

[in my opinion she did a good Job. She responded to almost every issue well and was really on fire, when she was talking about Planned Parenthood. I think she deserved it to be in the main debate. ]

Christie 6

[For him it's necessary to get some traction again, which he lost after the bridge-engagement... I think he wasn't bad and he responded well on most questions and he may have ganed some voters back.]

Kasich 5

[He wasn't that good as in the 1st debate, they weren't in Ohio this time... He responded mostly well, but he didn't have the Chance to do so often]

Bush 5

[As in the 1st debate, I think he didn't get the real momentum. He was not really on fire and an aim for GHWB und GWB-attacks. He didn't convince me yet, although I thought he has the greatest potential.]

Huckabee 5

[Very few chances to argue his points. Sadly, he was invisible most of the time...]

Rubio 5

[After Bush disappointed me, I personally think, Rubio has a real chance to defeat Hillary. But he has to improve to do so. The performance yesterday was not really that convincing. As you put it, he seemed really like a Robot.]

Paul 4

[His performance didn't convince me either. He had a few chances to talk, but I think he didn't that well, as expected.]

Walker 3

[He was simply not visible. He seemed like he didn't want to become president anymore or knowing his campaign failed. Very disappointing.]

Early debate scores:

Graham 8

[He was very funny and did surprisingly well on the issues. I think he's ready to be Commander in chief on day one. ;) He said that a bit too often, but I think he has some potential.]

Santorum 7

Jindal 7

[same as Santorum.]

Pataki 4

[imho he wasn't really good, but I think he spoke far less than the three contenders, so it's hard to say if he has enpugh potential...]

That are my impressions of the 2nd GOP debate. :)

Tell us your scores.

Luki ;)

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I only watched the first debate. My scored are much different than yours.

Christie 7

[i think Christie really came a live in this debate. The thing that prevented him from gaining double-digits was his rather programmed theme of "it's not about us, it's about the American people." It's a good message, but he seemed to over-announce his theme, which made it seem like pandering. However, he generally did well in his responses and counter-responses. If not for the scandals, I think it was a good enough job to take votes from Trump, Kasich and Bush. However, as it stands, it's only good enough to carry him to the 3rd debate.

Rubio 6

[This could have been a much higher score. He committed a callous gaffe with his attempt at the water bottle joke, concerning California's drought. He was also rather robotic in his responses, not unlike Hillary Clinton, but not as bad as Al Gore. He did clearly show that he's probably the most knowledgeable candidate of contemporary politics on this stage. He needs to add charm to his delivery.]

Bush 6

[bush could have had a higher score. He definitely came out with more energy, and for the first time in awhile, he seemed like he wanted to be president. He was very protective of his brother, while also criticizing his brother's choice of John Roberts as a justice. He had many attempt to tear down Donald Trump, but held back. Sometimes Bush didn't even defend himself.]

Fiorina 6

Huckabee 6

[He's got this score for being eloquent, despite how much I disagree with him. He was confident and personable. However, he received so few questions that he couldn't improve this score.]

Kasich 5

[He was the only optimist on the stage out of a group of doom and gloom politicians. However, he didn't have the fire he had in the first debate. His responses were mostly very intelligent, but he risked becoming invisible at times.]

Paul 5

[He had a much better debate than the first debate. However, he had some opportunities to strengthen his campaign. He spent the debate distancing himself from the 11 other candidates, rather than showing Republican voters where he is similar to them. When most Republicans are going to be mainstream (which is why it's called mainstream), then making yourself out to be the black sheep isn't a smart tactic. He can show common ground without becoming a mainstream Republican. Each candidate has areas in which they are similar to Paul. He can say something like, "I agree with Kasich, that...," and so on. He did defend his views well. He also had a chance to smash Trump over the vaccine question, but chose not to.]

Cruz 4

[He's supposed to be a great debater, but he failed to do anything other than speak his usual points, based primarily on fear. He didn't defend himself well when his positions were attacked. He came out as someone too in favor of unilateral actions, which allowed the other candidates to counter Cruz and gain applause.]

Trump 4

Walker 0

[He wasn't bad. He was just invisible. He started out like he was going to be a firecracker in the debate, but then got tired or something. Did he lack stamina for a 3 to 4 hour debate? Overall, I would forget that he was present. Not a good sign.]

Carson -2

[A good quarter of the time, he didn't seem to be able to explain himself well. He also refused to go on the offensive, even he had open opportunities. It was almost like he didn't want to risk becoming the nominee.]

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going off of the media consensus, Fiorina's score should be way higher.

I think the media is wrong. She performed well, but it wasn't anything outstanding. The media often creates stories rather than sticking to facts, much like politicians. They'll carry her for awhile. In about two to three weeks, the focus will change to someone else.

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I think the media is wrong. She performed well, but it wasn't anything outstanding. The media often creates stories rather than sticking to facts, much like politicians. They'll carry her for awhile. In about two to three weeks, the focus will change to someone else.

I would tend to agree, yes

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