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1788 Election


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This election is now up. JViking made the map. I want to thank him for creating maps throughout this project.

Next, I will be conducting the grand update of all the scenarios JViking and I made from 1788-1956. First, would your prefer that I gather feedback on this forum, or should I start a mass email? I will never everyone's help (as in, feedback) in getting these elections up to a level that would encourage Anthony to make them into official scenarios.

I am aware of many things, such as getting the population #s accurate. One thing that would be really helpful is finding typos, inaccurate information (having a candidate from the wrong state, for instance, which would be do to an oversight), and also letting me know if the gameplay is too easy or too hard on any given scenario. I haven't gotten to play the scenarios very much, so I don't know if the ads are too cheap or too expensive, etc.

Also, of course, if anything is missing that could be added, then I will do that.

Lastly, any volunteer to make events would be great. Otherwise I'm going to wait until an event creator is made to do that. In this event, we could be waiting for a long time. I can provide all the events, if someone is willing to "code" them in for me.

Let's make these scenarios happen together.

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A few initial comments on this scenario (which actually looks quite, all in all).

-How did you determine Experience in the context of this scenario? Several candidates have a 4, which seems a bit high for being in the government of an independent nation that has effectively only existed as such for a little over a decade. Not necessarily a criticism, just wondering your formula (especially given that I have considered and may also do scenarios that take place in freshly independent countries or ones with very recent constitutional governments and such ideals may be nice to know).

-I think the status of the Vermont Republic (from the viewpoint of the candidates) should be an, as should "Tory spoils" land grants and their distribution.

-Native Americans also should be an issue, even at that early point.

Those are some initial thoughts.

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