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South Africa - 2014

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20 years after the landslide victory by Nelson Mandela and his African National Congress that ended the 46-year long policy of Apartheid in South Africa in the country's first universal suffrage election without triggering all-out civil war, it seems current President Jacob Zuma, the steadily more unpopular successor to the ANC's leadership, may have squandered the massive popular support of Mandela's party and the 2014 elections seem to many to forecast doom for Zuma and the ANC after two decades of undefeated power. The liberal and broad-based opposition party, the Democratic Alliance, a fusion of White political opponents to South African racial-based policies before 1994 who actually had seats in the Apartheid era House of Assembly mixed with moderate and liberal African, Asian, and mixed-heritage groups, led by Helen Zille, who had been awarded a Best Global Mayor award while Mayor of Cape Town, seems to be gaining ground. Also, the Inkatha Freedom Party, the largest ethnic-centred party currently represented in the National Assembly, who promote the interests of the Zulu Nation, seek to regain ground lost in 2009 in their home stronghold of Kwa'Zulu-Natal Province. Other major African parties, such as COPE and AZAPO, the Minority Front, which predominates against those of Indian origin, especially in the port-city of Durban, and the far-right-wing, pro-Afrikaaner rights, anti-majority rule party, the militant Freedom Front Plus, all hope to gain more seats, as do a host of smaller parties. And, the real spoiler, young and charismatic ANC member Julius Melima, who claims the ANC was "sold-out to foreign powers and corporations" and "lost sight of it's true purpose fighting for the common people of South Africa" has formed a radical splinter party called the Economic Freedom Fighters, which is surging in the polls. However, when things appear bleakest for Zuma, will former ANC leader and, according to many, the Father of South Africa, passing away peacefully in retirement just before the election campaign formally begins create a euphoria to carry Zuma, despite his personal unpopularity, back to power.

This scenario is just being started. No ETA for completion at this point.

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I look forward to it. :)

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