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What Would Be Your Platform?

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If you ran for president, what would be your platform?

I made this hypothetical platform about two years ago, I'd probably tweak portions of it, but it is otherwise about right for me. I'd be running as a Democrat, and many of these points of my platform are compromises. As in, I am not even my own ideal candidate, because I'm compromising a lot in an attempt to win in this hypothetical campaign.

30 Point Platform

1. Improve infrastructure, including a trans-national High Speed rail system. This will create more jobs for college grads, the unemployed, and those on Welfare. It will improve commerce, transportation, allow greater range for a job search, allow for more possibilities for tourism. It is expensive, but the money spent will become money gained.

2. Non-interventionist military policy, except for the case of self-defense and/or genocide and crimes against humanity. No more unilateral or quasi-unilateral engagements. Seek Congressional approval. In the case of war of passions (9/11, for instance), seek a 2nd approval after 90s days. Maybe always seek a second approval.

3. Work with the states to fund job-searching sites run by pro-active career specialists to help the unemployed find word to gain experience or to begin a career and to help those with the education and experience to find a job worthy of their skill. Efficiency can be increased by helping people find jobs that best suit their skills, so as not to waste the talent of American citizens. Additionally, encourage an active career services on public college campuses that actively seeks to place their students in rewarding jobs.

4. 100% Student Loan forgiveness after 10 years of full-time (40 hours) employment and 10 years reliable of payment.

5. Work with business leaders and the states to find the best methods of decrease income cap inequality; work towards encouraging a "living wage" for any worker working 40 hours a week. This could be done by major tax reductions for businesses based on their average pay scale for middle management to lower-level workers.

6. Guarantee minority, gender, and sexual equality by passing anti-discrimination laws that cover all aspects of public life.

7. Reform education to make it more efficient, more attainable, more useful, and less expensive. Allow greater range in how education is handled but bar material and instruction that does not encourage critical thinking for a secular education. All primary education must be taught to make the student college-ready. Colleges must teach the courses in a way that will be helpful in finding the student a career after college, but not in a way that is so narrow as to not provide a cultured education.

8. Protect religious, civil and constitutional rights; legalize marriage between any two consenting human beings that are of legal age. Religious rights will be protected so long as those rights do not infringe on the rights of the public at large, do not promote violence or discrimination in the public sphere. Good examples of religious rights gone too far---Branch Davidians in Waco, American Jihadists, Westboro Baptists, Radical Mormons. Individuals from these groups have been rightly tried, convicted or killed by local and federal government.

9. End the drug war; legalize marijuana.

10. Reform immigration into a pro-immigration policy that is stricter on the few rules that it has. Encourage the best and brightest in the world. Fast-path to citizenship for any immigrant that creates a certain amount of jobs for American-born citizens.

11. Reform welfare in a way that makes the recipients better able to find training and work to get off welfare. The goal is to make welfare helpful, useful, efficient and temporary. In the case of disability, jobs for disabled people can be found, even if it is mailing letters. For those clearly unable to work, welfare will still be available.

12. Universal Single-payer Health Care, work with hospitals and states to find cheapest way to do this.

13. Benefits for farmers that create more jobs

14. Limit the ill effects of globalization; incentives for US jobs; Big incentive for companies that have over 100 employees with 85% of the employees as US citizens or residents working towards citizenship.

15. Decentralization; An opt-out clause on some Federal programs for local governments adamantly opposed to them. Hopefully, this will encourage the government to make the most efficient and affordable programs, and that the success of them will cause the other states to stay in or join the programs. States that opt-out of programs may see a reduction in federal funds for the states. The South would be much more hurt by an opt-out, as they get the most federal funding, which should encourage those states to not opt-out, but at least they have the choice to do it if they want to.

16. Reform foreign aid; withdraw aid from countries not deserving of it, wishing to harm us, or if they are attempting to bully us when we are helping them.

17. Reform humanitarian aid to Africa, so that the humanitarian aid goes to the people, rather than to the governments that are known to hoard the economic aid. Work with these countries to find an efficient way to do this. These countries need aid, so they can't refuse any tough measures.

18. Reform the NSA, so that it doesn't interfere with the lives and habits of law-abiding US citizens but still protects us from any possible harm, even if, at times, profiling must occur.

19. A more transparent government in all areas in which such transparency wouldn't be a credible security threat.

20. Audit the Federal Reserve with a rotating and random independent group of auditors that are not attached to one another.

21. Work toward alternative energy in a way that the big oil and coal companies can get on board so they will not try to obstruct or otherwise prolong our path to progress on alternative energy. Sometimes you can trick the devil into doing good.

22. Major defense cuts, except for the Navy, reconnaissance and research. Our defense budget is more than the rest of the world combined, it can be reduced significantly and still be the most powerful military in the world by far. Retire outdated military weapons, equipment, units and personnel. Reduce active officer corps by setting a retirement age; promotion by merit only; emeritus officers can still advise, if advice is sought. Close or sell all unnecessary military bases, except those that could cause global or regional harm if we did close or sell them.

23. Invest in medical, science and technology that will best benefit the human race in the long-run. Major funding to NASA and stem cell research. Fund a race to find a cure for cancer and Alzheimer's in a decade.

24. Encourage campaign reform, including media coverage reform. Reform it in such a way that the people have much more of a choice and that the influence of the people outweighs the influence of the 1% in the elections. 99% of the people should have 99% of the say.

25. Reform corporation laws so that true competition is possible and small and local businesses can thrive.

26. Tax reform on small businesses, especially if they provide a high need service or are in a neighborhood in which the majority of the people live below the poverty line. The hope is that these businesses with a special incentive will offer jobs to people living in poor urban neighborhoods.

27. Balance the budget and work on a long term method of decreasing the debt, possibly constitutionally, through a flexible law that will take into effect economic or other national disasters and emergencies. This may contradict my entire platform, but I'd like to do this if it is possible. Maybe with more people working at jobs that suit them will generate much more money nationwide to help make this possible.

28. Work to reduce pollution; whether one believes in climate change or not, it can't hurt to have clean air, especially in the cities.

29. Guaranteed right to vote: Make Election Day a public holiday; allow secure online voting; Tax Day incentive for voting (Reverse Poll Tax).

30. Encourage term limits on Senators (two terms), US Reps (two terms), Supreme Court justices (ten year appointments; the Chief Justice will be whomever has served the longest). These term limits will have a grandfather clause so that they don't affect current office holders. The term limits will prevent too much power from accumulating into one politicians hands, while also allowing for consistent new blood into the government.

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JViking, why do you support religious terrorism?

All individuals or organizations, religious or not, that encourage violence on American citizens, should be stopped. They can't hide behind the first amendment. A police officer or a drone striker doesn't ask the villain what religion they are before they fire the shot.

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Anyway, I'm done trying to have a civil conversation with you. You endorse hatred, and in this thread, you are endorsing religious terrorists and extremism. I've placed you on ignore, which means I won't be seeing your posts, comments, or messages in the future.

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I do not support terrorism. I supoort religious freedom. Religious freedom is protected in the 1st amendment whether you like it or not. I am for protecting Constitutional rights that are clearly given in the Constitution. Terrorists want to take away freedoms. You want to take away freedoms. So, your position is closer to terrorism than these businesses that have their views violated. The last resort is calling someone/group of people a terrorist. And then, boom, it backfires on you. They do not serve gay weddings because that goes against their religious beliefs. You fail to see the facts. You fail to see that they serve gays, just not weddings. You fail to see that this is unconstitutional and that these laws are taking away religious rights.

You have lost. You have no argument so you go run and hide. Oh, no, I am loosing the debate, I will block him so I do not admit I lost. Well, you lost. The Constitution destroys your argument.

Also, my statements have everything to do with this post. If it was not relevant, I would not have posted, but it is and you cannot deny that. The facts win. You lose.

Guarantee minority, gender, and sexual equality by passing anti-discrimination laws that cover all aspects of public life.

You wrote that. You are against religious freedom. You are for a war on religion.

You can run, but you lost.

You people do not use common sense. You are like those people are terrorists if they disagree with me. Yep, that is a great argument. Not!

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1. Protect constitutional liberties, there are no exceptions to anything in the constitution....Period

2. Stand up for the LGBT community, this is a civil liberty that we shouldn't compromise on. This is America, people have the Freedom to do as they please within the law in this country the government shouldn't define love

3. Planned parenthood should be de-funded immediately, otherwise keep abortion laws as they are. De-funding planned parenthood will cut the rate of abortions by 75% appeasing the Christian right, but not infuriating Democrats as Roe vs Wade would still be in effect.

4. one flat tax. a tax rate of 12% would spur economic growth, cut the corporate tax but eliminate loopholes and tax deductions with the exception of deductions for having children. Eliminate hidden taxes like the death tax

5. There is no substitute for victory against ISIS. However, we must not cause unrust in the middle east, approach foreign policy on a case by case basis only getting involved if there are humanitarian causes or if America's interests are directly threatened. Maintain strong relationships with our allies in Europe and in Israel and Australia, and use Europe to set up listening posts to keep tabs on Russia.

I will post more tomorrow I have to get to bed now its 3 AM here

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1. Repeal the FREEDOM Act, PATRIOT Act and other acts which needlessly violate the Fourth Amendment.

2. Defend the Constitution, make sure that the Constitution is recognized as a document expressing what the Federal Government can do, rather then what it cannot.

3. Repeal the Affordable Care Act, replace it with a free market healthcare TFSA approach.

4. Lower effective taxe rate for all wealth classes, make sure loopholes are eradicated.

5. Hold corporations that pollute responsible for the loss of life and harm to human life that they cause to reduce the effects of pollution.

6. Radically reform the judicial system by legalizing and taxing the vast majority of drugs and eliminating mandatory minimums.

7. Take on entitlements, reform Medicare and especially social security by slowly privatizing a no longer feasible program.

8. Balance the budget through acts like point 7 and wasteful military spending as well as needless foreign aid spending to areas like Israel.

9. Eliminate the Department of Education, use the money to fund a national school vouchers system.

10. Reduce border security and continue and reopen trade accords with Mexico to help empower their economy.

What I can think of for now.

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gay rights is a liberty this is America let them do as they wish....

religious freedom is a right given by the Constitution that cannot be violated. So, you are actually not for "Protect constitutional liberties, there are no exceptions to anything in the constitution....Period".

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We should also allow gays to marry, while at the same time allowing pastors to refuse to marry them on the basis of religion, this is a free country and we need to treat it as such.

I would Run as a Republican

6. to fix our broken educational system we can set up vouchers and school choice programs. We should also encourage Cyberschooling and make that just as free as brick and mortar schools. this will dramatically reduce costs and would improve the quality of education. I will use my homestate of PA as an example, kids that go to PA Cyber wind up coming out a lot smarter than kids that go to public schools. For some brick and Mortar schools are a good option I will admit, but honestly, Cyber charter schools are the way of the future and would work for 80% of the children currently enrolled in brick and mortar schools. It would help kids with disabilities and Special Ed needs to get the same level of quality education that everyone else gets without being made fun of for being different or nerdy. Liberals speak of Equality, why shouldn't we have educational equality? (right)

7. Repeal Obamacare promptly. This program is sucking up Trillions and Trillions of dollars in debt......that will slash nearly 3 trillion from our deficit. people say we need to replace Obamacare, this is not necessarily accurate. By deregulating the insurance industry it will allow them to compete and prices will drop. Set up a system that is voluntary and where no one pays for anyone else's health costs and everyone can only take out of the system what they put in. As for programs like medicare, medicaid and disability, these are important programs that we should make sure are fully funded to take care of the poor that cant afford the next point of my platform (Center-Right)

8. Set up an HSA system that people voluntarily enroll in. DO NOT make it mandatory and do not make having health insurance a requirment. The system is meant to be supplemental for bare bones insurance or for people that dont wish to have any health insurance to cover things like co-payments and dental visits. it also will not hurt job growth as it will be available through the Government not through a business. The system will give Americans an option to set up a health savings account by taking 5% of their pre tax income and putting it in the account. People that make less than 20,000 a year will be eligible for medicaid as they will be considered poverty. otherwise 5% is a perfectly reasonable aount on anything above that. (Center-Right)

9. Foreign aid is hurting our economy. We give regularly scheduled checks to countries that hate us and countries that love us. The first countries to cut out will be those that burn our flag and chant "Death to America." Then we need to let our allies know that in times of tragedy or war, we are happy to lend assistance with sending aid in one package or another (if there is a war we may send them weapons, if there is a tsunami we can help by offering money to help pay for clean up of the mess) but we need to decrease the frequency and amounts that foreign aid is handed out. this preserves our alliances and hangs our enemies. (right)

10. America must be energy independent. Why do we keep getting oil from the saudis when we have 2 milleniums worth of oil under our feet. Pennsylvania alone could fuel the eastern united States for 50 years with the oil we have. We must drill for oil in every state and take the restrictions, regulations and taxes off of gasoline, if we remove all the taxes and regulations from oil gas prices would be $1.75 per gallon. This philosphy lowers gas prices, and creates jobs within the industry. (Right)

In the parenthesis I put the policies that would define me as a Republican. While my policies on Foreign policy are a little more toward the Center, or the left of center, and my socail policies are more to the left, my Economic policies are sound Conservative economics that is proven to work.....honestly economics is a matter of opinion both systems can work under the right circumstances.

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I guess another good topic would be, how much would you be willing to compromise on your platform to get elected or to pass measures while president.

My platform has me going much more to the center than I personally would like to, but I'm trying to include a little bit for everyone to get excited about. I don't believe in the winner takes all system. I think you have to try and be the president of the people who did not vote for you as well. As such, I'd probably move even further to the center if I'm given a solid and rational reason why that view is better than mine, and why it would be best for both now and the future. I'd say I'm far-left by nature, but in some areas, I'd be willing to swing center-right to far-left in order to pass the best measures I can and to get support for things some people might not be as inclined to want to do. Basically, I'll pass this for the Republicans if they do not vote against this thing that I want to do, etc.

I appreciate you putting your platform on here, but let's say you are president and I'm Speaker of the House. I wouldn't be opposed to passing versions of your platform, but I'll want you to get as close to center or center-left as you can on your issues. Where could you be flexible?

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On social issues and constitutional issues, compromise is impossible. I would find it unbelievably ignominious if a politician made a compromise on issues like free speech, going half way on freedoms and civil liberties. So I would not compromise on those areas. However, I can be pulled towards the center on economic issues despite my far right values. I would compromise on entitlements as long as it would not further escalate a exponential deficit. I would also comrpmomise on point 10 of my plan, immigration. While I am for open borders, I do believe that there are some points to be made about open borders and I would not object to compromise given a equitable return to pass meaningful legislation.

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Compromise has to be possible in some areas.

1. Protect the Constitutional rights of everyone including religious freedom and the free exercise of it. Pass laws that protect businesses from unconstitutional state laws that restrict their religious freedom. I would work to protect the right to bear arms as protected in the second amendment. We must protect Constitutional rights.

2. Work to make it so every tax rate is below 20% and eliminate tax loopholes and cooperate welfare. Work for a flat tax, but the 20% mark would be my goal. Simplify the tax code and reduce the size of it. This will help the stagnant economy, increase wages, increase employment, and increase purchasing power for everyone.

3. I will let states legalize marijuana if they want it legalized. This is about states rights and the freedoms of the people in those states. I would work to get medical marijuana legalized in all states(nationally). I would work to get rid of minimum sentencing. Also, instead of jailing people for a marijuana offence, they should just pay a fine. All non-violent offender should be given this option as well. If the fine cannot be afforded, they can do community service.

4. I would work to reduce government spending waste.

5. Work to balance the budget and try to get a balanced budget amendment passed (with exceptions for war time and emergences).

6. Keep military spending almost the same, but eliminate waste and close/sell some overseas bases. Go with a Reagan style approach of peace through strength. I will not go to war unless we are attacked or our interests are endangered.

7. Work to get protections for unborn children in the Constitution.

8. Defund Planned Parenthood and do a full investigation of the organization.

9. I will not just pay off student loans, but I will use tax cuts for students who graduated to work to get their money back.

10. Set up vouchers and school choice programs. Abolish the department of education and give power to the states and school districts.

11. Cut off aid to countries that hate us and shout "Death to America" and "Death to Israel" as well as burning our flag.

12. Repeal and replace Obamacare. Make it so insurance companies can operate beyond state lines(this will lower insurance). For social security, we may need to make it so all income is taxable and not just the first $125k or so and we will ask the people who do not need it to not take from social security.

13. Increase border security and build a wall on the Mexican border. Require E-Verify and heavily punish companies that employ illegal immigrants. Allows illegals that are here to stay. They must learn English, pay a penalty, pay all future taxes, etc. Then they will be allowed to apply for citizenship. They must wait in line though.

14. Establish nation wide voter ID laws that prevent fraud in elections. Make election day a federal holiday (not primary election days though).

15. Work for term limits. Two terms in the Senate(12 years) and 6 terms in the House(12 years).

16. Provide tax breaks for people who use renewable energy for cars, homes, businesses, etc. Even though climate change is not an issue, this will motivate people to use cleaner and renewable energy. It can never hurt to reduce pollution.

17. Privatize some government owned infrastructure(Amtrak, some airports, reduce the federal government in state's roads, privatize some ports, etc.).

18. Get a bill passed that audits the Federal government. This somewhat goes with my reduce waste position.

19. Work towards energy independence. The tax cut for green energy is part of this. Work to remove regulations and taxes on this industry to lower gas prices. Encourage increased drilling.

20. Do not make a bad deal with Iran. We do not need a deal that delays them getting a nuke. We need a deal that prevents them from getting a nuke. We also need anytime-anywhere inspections. Work cannot be left out, but that would be the last option (except for agreeing to a bad deal).

21. Work to get an Arab coalition for Arab boots on the ground. This is the best way to defeat Isis. Continue airstrikes against Isis. Work to get a Kurdistan for the Kurds.

22. Protect gun rights. The Constitution protects them and we must follow the Constitution.

23. Look for a process to privatize the post office.

24. Stop the spying on innocent Americans and work to stop terrorist threats before an attack happens.

25. Work to improve and repair the highways. Work with states on this but keep the federal government involved with high ways.

26. Work for more free trade. With lower taxes, jobs will stop going overseas and will start coming here. These help our economy even more.

27. Repair damage done in relations with our allies. Work to strengthen our alliances. Start putting missile defenses in Poland.

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