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Most Difficult Scenerios?

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without Dynamism on!

i would say 1980 as Carter is tough, only ever won it by a whisker and never managed better than "The Average"

ditto '52 as Adlai, and 1860 is tough as hell w/ anyone but Lincoln

the wacky sci-fi one, forget the name, was tough too


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once ran Kermit the Frog as a Green Candidate in '04, ran all my ads in Colorado, did all my barstorming, speechs in Colorda, never left Colorado. It was Green for the week b4 the election, Kermie was at 38%, but on election day he plummeted to 2%


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I've just taken out Reagan in 1980 by 13% (53% to 40% with 6% for Anderson)

It was 115 to 423 in the electoral college.

I was lucky as a got two high damage scandals through research and another random one, with hardly any dirt on me.

Don't know how to upload the image, but I've saved it if anyone can tell me how to do it.

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Find a website to upload it to such as Picture Village or your own web-space. Then do it as follows:

[/img] with the web-link to the picture in between the two brackets.

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