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I was wondering if there was a scenario out there that covered the 1972 election with primaries. I haven't found it but just thought I would ask, or maybe someone is making it. I am pretty new to the game so I appologized if my question is redundent. Although the 1972 general election was not very close, the Dem. primary that year had some interesting possibilities. What if California had not been a winner take all. What if Wallace did not get shot, or ran for a third party. Or what if the Anyone but McGovern group won out at the convention, or Jimmy Carter vs Nixon etc.

Anyway thanks in advance on any help.

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There is one for P4E2008. In fact, by that original engine, the only election between 1960 and 2012 that didn't a full treatment was 1964. I'm not sure of PI has a 1972 scenario fully done and finished though.

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