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Quebec 2014 (for Prime Minister Forever)


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Good day!

I made a Quebec scenarios with my half, a new map, a better mean to wait the results and essentially, five parties, here the description:

In 2014 the Parti Québécois, an independentist party in the center left which is in power since two years is looking for a majority to have the means to...maybe, call a referendum in the next years. The debate of the Charta concerning the religious values has given a strong support to the party which lead in polls.
The Liberal Party leaded by Philippe Couillard is looking for the same result.
The Coalition Avenir Québec leaded by the former pequist minister François Legault is, despite of the situation in danger, his party must fight to survive in the context and maybe gain seats.
The party in the left, Québec Solidaire is leaded by Françoise David and is looking for news seats in Montreal and maybe in region.
Finally the most independentist party, Option Nationale leaded by Sol Zanetti has the same problem than the Coalition, maybe they can win a seat...
This election is historic, it's to your turn!
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If you want to know where are the big heads :P:

In Quebec region: Charlevoix-Côte de Beaupré => PM Pauline Marois

In Lac Saint Jean region: Roberval => Philippe Couillard

In Lanaudière region: L'Assomption => François Legault

In Montreal region: Gouin => Françoise David

In Laurentide region: Saint Jerome => Pierre Karl Peladeau (current leader of the PQ)

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I'm ready to hear every opinions about the game and I will see for the Canadian moding tool :D it can be interesting if I buy the game.

I'm a french-speaking person but I tried to create a new mod for Quebec 2014, the big problem in the Quebec's politic is essentially the system.

The West-Island of Montreal is largely english-speaking so it's almost impossible that the PQ or another party wins over there (even the CAQ which is more pro French-Speaking but more in the right).

The regions are divided, on the South border of Montreal we've many Sovereinists cities and sometimes one or two english-speaking places (like Vaudreuil-Soulanges) so there it's a struggle between the PQ and the PLQ while in the North rive of Montreal the regions are more composed of countrysides and the battle is between the PQ and the CAQ.

In Chaudières-Appalaches you've the same problem than in the city of Quebec, the population is very french-speaking (97-98%) but the citizens over there are more in the Right wing so it's a battle between the PLQ (LPQ in english) and the CAQ.

And there's the possibility that if the PQ concentrates the essential French-speaking vote (40% in the polls at least seeing 45% in the polls it's 50% of the french-speaking) the seats in these right french-speaking regions can swing into PQ's seats.

The PQ is eated by the QS and OP because QS is "probably" independentist (not clear on this issue) but eat the left wing of the PQ and OP is for its very independentist and takes some electors.

The PLQ has the english vote (10% assured) and so has 20 strongholds in West Island and 5-10 in some seats composed by immigrants and by federalists.

But the places that I've pointed are in fight too (for Quebec and Chaudières-Appalaches) with the CAQ.

The PQ has between 27 and 30 strongholds (the incredible defeat of 2014 has showed this). =>Can win (with the best conditions) 92-100 seats.

The PLQ has 30 strongholds too. (but is able to win more easily than the PQ a majority). =>Can win (with the best conditions) 100 seats.

The CAQ has 1-2 strongholds (and is able to win 30 seats but must choice its ennemy). =>Can win (with the best conditions) 30-45 seats.

QS has 2 strong seats but no stronghold (the poor places in Montreal which were old PQ strongholds). =>Can win (with the best conditions) 4-5 seats.

Option National has the problem to be poor and with not enough money, they can try to gain a seat in region.

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Yes I have! I wait the update because I would like to make this for PM infinity (the same than I made on PM4E).



When we will be able to change the map I will see how add the seats :)! But I accept every help!

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