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Labour Leadership election 2015


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With a poll out tonight showing Jeremy Corbyn in the lead this is looking like the most interesting leadership race in possibly decades. A scenario would be worth doing.


Andy Burnham

Yvette Cooper

Jeremy Corbyn

Liz Kendall

Chuka Umunna (off)

Tristham Hunt (off)

Mary Creagh (off)


Direction of Labour


Party Reforms (regular leadership elections, etc)

Along with the usual PM4E issues.

Suggestions welcome.

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I actually still have Treasurer of the PC's older Labour Leadership Election scenario. This would be quite interesting, actually.

Maybe the 'Scottish Promises.' I mean frankly, all three major national parties promised the Moon in special compensations and devolution and privileges and such to Scotland during the referendum, and Salmond, upon stepping down as SNP leader, showed doubt they'd all be lived up to, and I'm not exactly sure how all those leadership candidates would feel about the generous package of promise, seemingly many that MAY end up proving having been made out of desperation. And, then, of course, it seems fully living up to them only invites Plaid Cymru, Northern Irish parties, and even groups like the English Democrats to demand equivalent privileges for their constituents.

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