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Austria 2010

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Hi friends :),

if anyone's interested in making a ''Austria 2010'' scenario I could help you with various background information about presidential candidates, the nine states and parties. In addition I could provide a large variety of ''What if-scenarios''.. The only Problem is that I'm not really into those modding-stuff, so I could only work on the theoretical part...

In 2016 there will be the next election for President of Austria, but there's only some speculation about the candidates yet.

Basic info:

The election was Held on 25 April 2010

Incumbent president Dr. Heinz Fischer (nominally Independent, but backed by his former party SPÖ (Social Democratic Party of Austria) and even by the center-right/Christian-democratic/conservative ÖVP (Austrian People's Party) which didn't ran a candidate) ran for re-election in order to seek a second term.

He was challenged by Barbara Rosenkranz from the far-right/nationalist FPÖ (Freedom Party of Austria) and Dr. Rudolf Gehring of the Christian-conservative CPÖ (Christian Party of Austria).


Eligible Voters: 6.355.800 / 3.404.646 turnout 53.6% 242.682 / 7.13% voted invalid

Fischer = 2.508.373 votes / 79.33%

Rosenkranz = 481.923 votes / 15.24%

Gehring = 171.668 votes / 5.43%

For further Information please contact me either here or on my E-Mail: lukii.pukii7@gmail.com :D

Nice gamin y'all!

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I did make an Austria 2008 Legislative Council scenario way back when for Chancellor Forever (one of my first scenarios for a TheorySpark ever, in fact). The problem I see with you're proposed scenario is, according to a friend I had in Austria at that time (he gave me a link to all the electoral data I needed for my scenario) the Legislative Council elections, where the Chancellor and Cabinet are effectively chosen, is the election that REALLY matters. He told me that the Austrian Presidential Election was not nearly as meaningful in practice as, say, the French, Polish, or Ukrainian ones are, but it would be more akin to if the Italian or post-WW2 German Presidents were directly and popularly elected - essentially, electing a figurehead with only marginally more power (mostly in emergency situations) than the remaining European monarchs still sitting. He also called the Austrian Presidential Elections an utter waste of time and money for Austrian citizens. Maybe you have a different point-of-view on that, but this is what my old friend who was from Austria told me, and sources like Wikipedia don't seem to attribute much more power to the office.

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Hi, thanks for your reply! :)

I can definitely agree on that, what you are saying. It's true, the chancellor/prime minister has the real power (like in the UK) while the president is more a representating head of state.

In fact many Austrians say that we could abolish the office because it's more or less useless... They have the same opinion on the second chamber of our parliament (Federal Council/Bundesrat), which represents the nine states ;)

And of course it's true that this election was kind of boring, because nobody thought that Fischer will lose... The main factor behind his reelection was that the second largest Party ÖVP didn't ran a candidate. If the governor of Lower Austria, Erwin Pröll (ÖVP) ran as a candidate, the election would not have been such boring.

But as I already mentioned in my first post, there are a large variety of 'What if-scenarios' :D



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After doing some fun stuff in PI 2016, I'm pretty sure I could do an Austria 2010 Scenario by myself.

But I wanted to ask, if someone could make me a map. :)

Thanks in advance!

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9 hours ago, republicaninnyc said:

@Conservative Elector 2 now that two-round and popular vote are being implemented can you please update your scenarios.

It's of course on my to-do-list. However, I am quite busy right now and I don't have much time for scenario creation or playing this. I'm sorry.

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